anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

(david cook) my heart could have shattered completely.

I was reading David's Facebook group's wall posts in between the commercial breaks during Idol, and there were all these posts wishing David "get well soon". I was like, What's going on? I just watched him perform, he was great, no one mentioned anything about him being sick.</p>

Then I read some "news" from about him experiencing "heart palpitations" and how his heart rate was too high.

I couldn't listen to what was probably a killer performance from Michael Johns, and I didn't even freak out like I always do when they recapped the show and got to David. The whole time I just...I know it's completely ridiculous because I don't know the guy and he doesn't know I exist, but I swear, the entire time, all I could think about was whether he was okay. I imagined all these worst-case scenarios in my head, him having some serious heart problem, him dropping out of the competition, and I got legitimately choked up. Not at all because boo I wouldn't be able to see him, but because he's worked so hard, he's come so far, he went from the middle of the pack to the head of the race, and he did it all by himself. There's only one person more invested in David Cook than me - and that's David Cook himself. To see it all cut off halfway? Even the mere possibility was enough to break my heart.

In any case, according to this article, he's okay. Access Hollywood, while not exactly The NY Times, is still more reliable than Of course I'd like to know exactly what happened, but as long as he's not hospitalised, I think I can go to bed easy tonight. Otherwise, I swear, I'd be up all night glued to the Internet for news.

I cannot handle a universe in which David Cook is seriously sick. I just wouldn't know what to do with myself, and I don't care if I'm being completely irrational since at the end of the day, he's still a human being. I don't know how in the world he managed to get on that stage and still sing the way he did with all the health problems going on. He's utterly amazing.

If I thought I loved him before, those 15 minutes of horror in which I imagined the worst have just upstaged everything that I thought I felt towards him before. All my entries about how I think he's talented, how I find him to be quite an inspiration, and today's earlier entry about his album - all those were written with some degree of...I don't know what to call it. "Love" in its strict sense is definitely too strong, "affection" is too mild, and "admiration" doesn't quite fully encapsulate how I feel towards him. So yeah, it's a combination of all of I suppose, a degree of which existed when I wrote all my repetitive and tiresome David entries.

But honestly? That degree of anxiety I felt for someone I don't personally know whom I'll never meet or talk to, that is just insane. And so I conclude that I'm even more into/invested in/whatever David than I'd originally thought. I'm not sure what that means yet, but I think I'll really have to work damn hard to keep him from taking over my life completely.

Argh, I'm just so relieved that TMZ, true to form, made it sound more serious than it is.

Okay, now that I feel almost 100% normal again, let me just say a few things:

OMG HIS HAIR = 100% WINZZZZZ. At first when I saw it before they cut to a commercial break, I was like, ew what did they do to his hair? Then I got a better view and it's all funky-cool in the back! I prefer the emo-bangs but his new hair works for me.

I saw the acoustic guitar I've been hoping for since Top 12 started and I let out a little yelp.

His white shirt? Totally hot.

Apparently his favourite sexual position is missionary (forum post posted on someone's LJ then posted on someone else's LJ, some backstage encounter) and you know what? I'm totally all right with that.

His performance? When it ended I was like, "What? It's over? But he just started!" How reminiscence of his Bon Jovi audition.

Beautiful, beautiful voice, oh my god. David Cook continues to SLAY the shit out of me.

I can't wait to get the high-def iTunes video as well as the studio version.

And guess what? HE ARRANGED THE SONG HIMSELF THIS WEEK. Booyah! I've never heard the original of course so obviously I can't compare. Whatever it is, as usual, he sounded amazing. I honestly think that he can do no wrong. He's not turned in a single bad performance since the show started, and the only negative thing I can say about him is that "I don't like Eleanor Rigby as much as the others." But then, I LOVE the studio version of Eleanor Rigby.

I'm just completely in love with how soft and soothing his voice sounds on this song. Sometimes I find it incredible that David's Idol performances were all from the same guy. If one didn't know better, one would've thought that they're from at least two different people. And he does both extremes so well, such that I cannot say which one I prefer. I just love his voice to bits and pieces.

Oh yeah, they acknowledged the Doxology crap. I didn't catch what David said completely but he said he took DoxoWhatever's version and merged it with someone else's. So yeah, Doxology still loses, and so it continues to be DAVID COOK FTW!!!!!!!!!

(FTW = For the win. Grah, I keep picking up these weird Internet slangs! Shit.)

Would write more, but damn sleepy.

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