anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

i'm weird. seriously.

I think I'm gonna wear my contacts tonight.

OMG I'm so excited. It's been TOO LONG since I last felt excited about wearing clothes and going out.

I'll be missing the results show tonight so I won't get to see David teary-eyed post-Idol Gives Back segment until probably tomorrow morning. Boo to that, but at least I'll be seeing Kenneth, like, finally, after like ten trillion billion years.

I'm in class and OMG, so totally tuned out, not even funny.

David's singing Little Sparrow in my head right now.

I was ten minutes late for class today. My mom went to the bank at ten and got home at 11.15, which effectively gave me 15 minutes for lunch. Since I'm a slow eater, I took 25 minutes and reached school at 12.07. Drinking the gross-as-hell Chinese medicine before leaving for school put me in a situation where I seriously had to pee before class or I would've needed to take a pee break during class, which isn't nice since my designated seat is at the back of the seminar room, and so going to the toilet requires me to cut through the front of the SR to get to the door. So I went to the toilet even though I was already late and in the end I was 10 minutes late.

Along with my chronic illness that prevents me from skipping class, I also have a thing against being late for class. Meaning, it bugs me - severely. I don't even know why it bugs me so much since I obviously am not conscientious at all about listening in class once I get here. Sometimes I suspect I'm a closet perfectionist, or 1% OCD. I don't know.

iTunes rocks and I can't wait to listen to the studio version of Little Sparrow when I get home.

To qualify that: iTunes rocks only insofar as it provides me with my weekly post-AI David fix. Other than that? It's still a discriminatory lousy piece of shit.

Also, just to add to that 1% OCD/whatever thing I mentioned: I am continually bugged by the sheer number of people that mispronounce "irreparable" and "incomparable", as well as their opposites. I went around saying "com-peh-ra-ble" when I was like 18, until I found out the proper pronunciation. I also remember the Moment of Truth in JC during which I was corrected on the pronunciation of "irreparable" by none other than my British GP tutor, Tim Dore. Since then, I've been hyper-sensitive to how people pronounce these two words and most people don't seem to know how to say them properly.

It's not a big deal outside Yelen's world of Nitpicky Anal Retentiveness, but since I live in that world, it bugs me. And it bugs me a lot.


Edited to add:

Wow. The studio version of Little Sparrow is ten million shades of beautiful. I had shivers everywhere at the end, when he did the a capella (I can't spell) so beautifully, his voice full of emotions. Talk about connecting with the song. I'm not a huge fan of the song, but the way David sang it...coming up with words to describe it won't do it any justice, because those words will only fall short.

Cookie FTW. For real. (And for the first time since I first heard his Cookie nickname, I can finally get behind it.)


Edit 2:

I'm wearing contacts as I'm typing this and it FEELS. SO. GREAT.

Bausch & Lomb, call me. I can totally be your spokesperson for soft lens and how amazing! it feels to have perfect! vision without wearing spectacles. Awesomenessssssss.

Tags: bell's palsy, david cook, law school, random

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