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baby, all rise

The most earth-shattering thing ever happened today. We danced during Maths class. I'm not kidding. Dance as in literally dance. With music too. My Maths teacher went kooky and told us to push our tables to the walls and, you know, leave the centre of the classroom empty. We did that, and she started going off about translations (this transformation crap thingy) and rotations, and she created thing that we all had to follow. Shortly after that she played Blue's "All Rise", which is actually a pretty catchy boyband song that I don't mind, and told us to dance to the music. I was just finised with an hour of wallowing in self-hate, because I failed my Physics test by 2 marks, so, I don't know, I felt pretty crazy, so I just did it.

All the while she was telling us, "Class, relax!" Because I guess it was quite obvious that almost everyone was pretty tensed. I mean, we've got 5 tests this week and no lessons on Friday (last day of this term!). That has got to tense anyone up. One thing I observed from this whole dance thing: I bet my teacher goes clubbing.

I almost missed my bus. I saw it pulling away from the interchange, went, "Oh, fuck" out loud, started to chase after it but it didn't stop for me. So I turned and ran for the next stop, which was, by normal standards, pretty near, just, like, 200m away or something, and was panting and dehydrating and absolutely dying when I caught the bus. Yay me. Go me go! I ran an approximate distance of 200 metres!

But I was wheezing so much, I thought my asthma has returned to haunt the living daylights out of me. Asthma attacks are the worst. I haven't had one in years. I think my last attack was when I was 8...but then, my memory sucks, so...

On the bus itself, I started experiencing one of the most excruciating pains I've ever felt. It dominated the entire portion below my belly button. It was bad. It completely engulfs you and threatens to leave you paralysed. I had to coax myself into walking up that goddamned slope during the final part of my one and a half hour journey home. And guess what it was? Fucking menstrual cramps. I knew I was going to get my period. And I thought I could miss it! Ugh.

So anyway. Literature test today. "Discuss the theme of revenge in Julius Caesar." Bloody shit! I couldn't do it, and til now I still am unable to believe I actually choked up an essay. Why revenge, of all things? Why not suicide? Friendship? Ambition? Betrayal? Why revenge?!

But I don't really care.

My computer's really slow. Can't get into my stats page. It's so bloody irritating! And before I forget. This review made me laugh. The chick gave me a B- because she thinks my layout sucks! It does not suck! I'm thinking of changing it though. All the green is getting to me.

Tags: physical discomfort, school, secondary school, teachers

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