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Today's blasted test was A Maths on further applications of differentiation, or calculus, or whatever the hell it's called, because frankly, I DON'T CARE! It sucked man, it just totally sucked. I'm back in Maths remedial for sure. Just when I've finally passed a test and got my arse out! Ugh.

Okay. I bought this teeny magazine, Lime, because they plastered Tobey Maguire's gorgeous self on their cover. Oh my god, he is so bloody hot. On the cover he's wearing a blue shirt, and he has his arms over his head, and god, you can see his biceps! My sweet lord, I just about died when I first saw the cover on the MRT, 'cause this girl was reading it and things like that. But the bad news is, there isn't a feature of Mr. Maguire. They did this story about movies adapted from comic books (for those who don't know, Tobey Maguire is playing Spiderman), and Spiderman happened to me one of them, and there was only one page of Tobey. BUT! It was such a lust-inducing picture, I figured 3 bucks was worth it, nevermind that this magazine is total crap.

Well anyway. I wrote a letter to my pal Cheryl a few days ago, and today she gave me the reply. Yay. She's really fantastic, that Cheryl. I love her. Anyway she's beginning to study, which made my jaw drop because in Sec. 2, she was a total slacker (like me, ha). I don't know, you know? Because I'm still lazing around, dreaming about things that won't help me in any of my exams except maybe English, and doing stupid things online, for instance typing this, and at the rate I'm going, I'd be surprised if I can get 20 points. (The lower you get, the better. The lowest a person can get is 0 points. 54 is the most. I got 29 last year.) Or okay, that's a bit too much, let's say 30, and I don't know why I'm talking about this. Let's move on.

Did relay during P.E. Yunnie was the first runner, I was the second. And um, you know relays? When someone's running towards you with a baton, you're supposed to run off first, right, so that you wouldn't be lagging behind everyone like some bloody tortoise. So Yunnie was running towards me at top speed. I was outside the exchange zone, you know, the box where people pass batons? I stood there and waited for her to run in to give me the bloody baton. She ran towards me, and was gasping, "Run! Run!" Then it occured to me I was supposed to run, not stand there like an idiot and wait for her to pass me the freaking thing. So, very flusteredly (ha), I ran off at top speed. But the thing with me is, I can't run. My top speed is everyone else's slowest pace. I was the second last person to reach the next runner, who was Pearl, and needless to say, those around me before I started running knew about my moment of stupidity. So it sucked, you know? I was all tired and things like that, and I had to put up with the embarrassment of being a spaz! God, it's not a good thing.

Okay, that's it. I have to say something else though. My review at Desire Reviews was...well, not everyone is html-inclined. I would love to make my own layout, but for fuck's sake, I don't know how, and I don't have the time to learn. And they're really one to speak. They took a layout from Quinn too, didn't they? (Yes, they did.) And the whole not-mentioning-your-name thing is so annoying. I choose not to reveal my real name on here for safety reasons, and my dad would kill me if he knew I go around telling total strangers my name, nevermind that I go around telling them about what I do and all things dandy. And my biggest gripe about this otherwise all right review is that they issued me one sentence for content. If it's not obvious enough, I put a lot into the content, because I feel that's what really matters. Not your fucking layout, because I could care less if you have a picture of Joaquin on your layout but your diary puts me to sleep, okay? You know what I mean?

But whatever, what do I care?

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