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Had two Panadols today. They're pain-killers, like aspirins. Yeah, anyway. I had a sudden stitch attack this morning, at my left, which puzzled me, because I didn't do any running or whatever. I thought I was suffering from appendicitis (I think that's what it's called) at first, but it went away after a while. Later, when I was going home, I felt a sudden jab of pain at my right side. I don't understand what's with my body. I haven't got sick in a year, which isn't normal, and now I'm getting strange bouts of pain at my sides. I hope I fall sick.

I had an English test today. Was supposed to write an essay. The topics, if I remember correctly:

1) Describe some things that make you feel relaxed and happy after school.

2a) A person is seriously injured and caused her friends great trouble by keeping it a secret.

2b) The new bus driver.

3) An argumentative essay. Forgot the topic.

4) Describe some remarkable buildings in your area.

5) Cats

Is it just me, or are the topics very, very uninspiring? I did 2b. It's a stupid story, one I don't dare to recount, in fear of throwing up my lunch. I hate English exams. I always beat myself up if I don't do as well as I should...which has "last year" written all over it. But you know, I don't feel like talking about it anymore.

End of entry.

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