anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

this entry is crap.

If you watch Project Runway, don't read this, especially if you're waiting for Season 2 to air on local TV.

I feel so sad now. I've, like, never got misty-eyed over a freaking reality show (not even when Bo didn't win that American Idol thingy) and now I'm this close to crying. It's so terribly unfair, that's what it is. The minute I start to give a damn about a freaking contestant, that contestant leaves in the very same episode. I can't believe they booted the humble, charming, talented, classy and nice Daniel F. over that troll Santino, whose voice, incidentally, I fucking hate, whose "lingerie" collection totally sucked, and whose attitude took up, like, 99% of the stupid runway! Daniel was all, "I'm not going to sell these girls out. If someone has to leave it'd be me" ('cause he was the team leader and he was working with two other female contestants and because he's SO NICE), and Santino was all, "Emmett ruined my vision. I'd pick him to be the one to go."

Santino is an annoying, ugly and whiny egotist while Daniel is sweet and charming and good-looking (I don't care what anyone says; he's cute!) and a joy to watch. I love watching him do last-minute work and have his design blow most of the others out of the water, I love the way he sticks to his guns and believes in his own creative vision, and he's so charming too, have I ever mentioned that? He has this amazing profile and he does this smile and I'm like, Squeeee I wanna marry youuuuuuu! He's so passionate about what he does that you totally believe him when it's 15 minutes before deadline and he says, "I've got this great idea and it's going to work." And it hardly ever fails. In fact, his lingerie thingy was so much better than Santino's over-embellished crap, and the Daniel Franco Shuffle is the most adorable thing ever.

I think he should have his own reality show. I'd definitely watch it, buy the DVDs, watch them over and over again because he's so great.

I know my words are failing me right now but just pretend I'm making sense.

And and I don't know, I think I'm done gushing about him.

Tags: project runway, tv shows

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