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As predicted, my personal conference was disastrous. I made it abundantly clear that I hadn't started on a smidge of research prior to going in, because the tutor was all, You should have done this before coming in.

Damn straight.

I'm kissing goodbye to this 20%, and any sliver of hope I may or may not have harboured about attaining a nice grade for LAWR. Because, seriously? I don't even care.

The only two things that keep this semester from completely sucking are Criminal Law and Legal Theory. I don't really understand the latter a hundred percent but at least the readings are interesting; and Criminal Law is more or less SLS Part B Revisited, which is unsurprising considering the lecturer is the same person.

MH rocks. I don't know why I say that, except that he does. And that is that.

I'm obsessed with Project Runway, even more obsessed with Daniel Franco, and full-fledged, head-over-heels obsessed with Veronica Mars.

It was Pei's birthday yesterday and I met her for lunch in school. Glory wanted to go to McDonalds and so the three of us went all the way to the Engineering part of the campus and sat at McDonalds for a couple of hours, where we ate and talked and laughed and had a lot of fun. Pei was telling me that her laptop is filled with pictures, I asked her what pictures are they of, and she said, Runway pictures, and that got me started on my newfound Project Runway obsession, and she went off about Season 1 and Wendy Pepper whom apparently everyone hated and I was like, I didn't watch Season 1! But do you know the dude that got booted during the first episode, Daniel Franco?, and she was like, Yeah, he came back for the second season, and I went, OH MY GOD I AM SOOOOO IN LOVE WITH HIM!, and one thing led to another and Pei started talking about America's Next Top Model and I said that I'd watched the whole season, and Glory asked me who won, and I whispered the name of the winner to her since Pei didn't want to know but Glory couldn't place a face to the name, and I was trying to describe her to Glory but Pei ended up getting it, and we started talking about the previous seasons of Top Model, and Glory said that she likes Elyse Sewell and I started gushing about how smart she is (because she is) and how well she writes (because she does) and I have to remember to give Pei Elyse's Livejournal URL and it was a lot of fun talk, including American Idol and we all agreed that the Paris Hilton wannabe with the fake tan and fake-looking blond hair had the trashiest Mom ever, and they had a lecture at 4 and it was close to 4 and Pei was all, I don't wanna leave; I'm having so much fun!

My exact sentiment. I wish I'd got her a card at least, but hey, there are always other birthdays, so many more down the road. We have all the time in the world.

I have Contract tutorial tomorrow and I think it'd be wise for me to at least attempt to slug through the questions, no matter how boring, dreadful and incomprehensible they are. Joy and happiness. I can't wait for Thursday. I can't believe Veronica Mars is finally coming back! Donut Run, I'm coming for you.

(PS. It's been four days since the lingerie episode of Project Runway. I expected to get over Daniel F. by now. I can't get over how I'm still not over it and how much I want to meet him. Most of all, I can't figure out my weird wayyyy older men complex.)

(PPS. Because I just remembered: I bought Jay Chou's Huo Yuan Jia EP and I loved the highlights from his Hong Kong Incomparable concert, especially Jie Kou and An Jing [he got the lyrics of the first two verses completely mixed up and it's so funny], and I can't freaking believe he sang San Nian Er Ban in Hong Kong but not Singapore! I Fucking Love That Song. I don't like the Cantonese song he wrote for some artist which is included in the EP though; it's rather bland and boring, but coated in his voice it sounds passable at worst. I have a sneaking feeling that he lip-synched to Yi Fu Zhi Ming though; I have quite a good ear for these sort of things but I'm not sure this time 'cause Jielun never lip-synches during his concerts and he's a bad lip-syncher and it didn't look like he was lip-synching but it did sound like he was, so yeah. And and the music videos: I hated Lan Se Feng Bao and Hei Se Mao Yi, because he's a bad lip-syncher and in these two videos that was all he did, there were no storylines or whatever, just him walking around pissed off in the former MV and pensive and morose in the latter MV and so they were excruciatingly boring. I loved Si Mian Chu Ge though, and not just because his shirt was unbuttoned for about three seconds; I also loved the Ni Lin MV, and I thought it was going to a rip off of 8 Mile because of the rap competition-esque thingy but it was so not and it fit so well with the lyrics so that rocked too, and yeah, that's about it.)


Edited to add:

In Criminal class today MH commented, after a guy's presentation, "Do you always speak in this stream-of-consciousness way?" The guy looked at MH, who added, "James Joyce?"

The guy went, "I don't know who he is."

Against my will (right) I kind of snorted.

I am SO MEAN. He seems sweet though, that guy. Like, earnest and...nice. Yeah.

I do really wanna read A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, though. And I'm quite sure I punctuated that wrongly.

Also, I meant to say this a lot earlier but kept forgetting. Thanks to anonymous and Guy From Another Universe for your comments. Greatly and muchly appreciated!

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