anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

i hate legal writing.

If the fucking memo were a person, I'd set aside my anti-death penalty stance and hang the bastard right now.

In fact, I'd hang the entire bloody LAWR module.

AND I'd hang the stupid SAT's too.

I finally sat down and did an entire practice test in 3 hours and 45 minutes and halfway through I felt like I was about to die. Neck cramps, back aches, light-headedness. Saturday morning at 8 a.m. and I'd have to decipher mathematical equations and sentence structures and I'd have to write an essay and I can't write essays and I'm wishing so hard that I hadn't signed up for it right now. What a waste of money. I can't see how I'm going to score 750 at least for all 3 sections.

And LAWR? Don't even get me started. Just...don't. I abhor it so much that I haven't the words to adequately describe just how fucked up I think it is.

That's it. I'm starting on the stupid memo after my SAT's on Saturday. I don't care what lousy grade I'd get; it's just not worth it. And I was hoping I could go to Chinatown on Saturday night.

Have I gone on a rant here before about how shitty legal English is and how it reduces the language to a mere function and how insulting I think that is and how I really cannot stand it? Well, if I haven't, there's a preamble for you. I wish I can hole myself up in my room reading Julian Barnes all day long in prepartion for my thesis/dissertaion on his work. Send me a genie and that'd be the only wish I'd make.

I will so crash my friends' Lit lectures one of these days. Probably on a non-Contract tutorial week.

Oh, speaking of Contract. Remember that Contract test I took last year which I totally bitched about and which I totally did not study for? Well, I got a 49 - I'm assuming percent - for it. (And I just realised that I forgot to bring it back to school to return today. Oops.) When I saw my mark I was like, Shit, I failed. What the hell.

Then I saw Agatha and she asked me how I did for the test and I showed her my mark and she said, Good, that's average. That could mean anything, right? Like, half the people failed, yadayada, hence it's average. Or something.

So anyway I asked her what the passing mark is and she said it's 40.

Wow, I thought. I passed! That's amazing! I was genuinely expecting an F. And the hilarious thing? My highest portion was the essay - which I spent the least amount of time on.

The lesson to be learned here is, it's better to tackle an essay question than a stupid hypothetical because the former is more broad which gives slackers like me room to maneuver (I can't spell the British version of this word). I totally screwed up that hypothetical on Frustration/Mistake/whatever. Not that I'm surprised. Not that I care.

Anyway, hours later, Ruishan told me via MSN that the passing is 35. I wonder how Mag got the very high mark she got. She's crazy! But more obviously though, she's damn smart. I'm so proud!

So in Legal Theory today my lecturer who totally rocks wanted to show us a couple of clips - one from Lost and one from Terminator 2. Unfortunately, she ran into some technical difficulties which apparently no one in the LT knew how to fix, which resulted in us watching a philosophical (lecturer's word) dialogue between Ah-nold and Edward Furlong without the sound. That sucked, I thought. The lecturer fiddled with the computer volume control for a bit, asked "a human being" to help, managed to elicit a couple of suggestions from the LT but nothing worked. So in the end she summarised the dialogue she wanted to show us...which led to a small debate among her and a couple of students about morality and universal values and right and wrong and all that jazz.

She had the Lost DVD on standby but in the end she didn't have time to show us whatever it was she wanted us to watch.

Isn't she cool? I think she is. And she's super nice, too. Unfortunately I'm not thinking as hard about the materials as I should be. Most of the time I'm just tuned out. And the Blackstone reading she gave us pissed me off so badly that I flung it across my room halfway through. It expounds on the religious arm of the natural law theory - enough said.

I think there's one absolute in this world - that there's no absolutes in this world. Oh, life. What an inherent paradox.

I'm too lazy to elaborate.

I was talking to this guy on MSN last night, a Medicine student who was - brace yourself - a JJC student! Oh my god wow. Apparently he was in the year above mine and he found me familiar. Me? I never noticed anyone in that school, save for a few more outstanding individuals, so that was one-sided on his part.

It was a cool conversation though. Long and...interesting. You know how sometimes random guys add you to their MSN list and on the rare occasion that you're actually on they message you and say really boring and predictable things, and you ask polite questions but don't really care for the answers, and you spend half the conversation wondering how on earth they got through life with such lousy English, and in the end you sign off without saying 'bye'? Well, it wasn't like that, the conversation.

I'm still waiting for something mind-blowing to come my way.


I was gonna wait until Saturday night to watch it but heck it, I'm watching it tonight!

Donut Run, I'm really coming for you this time!

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