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a momentary reprieve.

This day could have been so much worse, even if it's merely due to the fact that it's a LAWR day. Thankfully though, LAWR didn't drag and actually - gasp - ended five minutes early, and it didn't totally suck. We were supposed to draft a case theory for the Snow White Trials Or Whatever (don't ask) and naturally, me being me, I put it off until like an hour before class. Even then, I was distracted (to put it mildly) by Mag's laptop because hot Japanese guys are always preferable to fix my attention on than boring Law stuff. Hence, I spent quite a significant amount of time watching her SMAP clips and drooling over this particularly hot member who is not Takuya Kimura whose name I have unfortunately forgotten. Haha! Maybe Mag would like to refresh my memory. (Is it Goro?)

Anyway, in the end I wrote a few lines twenty minutes before class, thinking that the tutor would spend a lot of time on it, but it turned out that she wanted to do other things and thus only about ten minutes was spent on it. Then the double whammy came: We were also supposed to prepare a Question Presented and Point Headings and Sub-Headings for the Snow White Bullshit! Being me, I knew like absolutely nothing about it and thought I could get away with not presenting (everyone had to present his or her own) but when it was just another guy and I who hadn't presented, I thought it'd be wiser to quickly scribble down a QP instead of doing a Point Heading because I didn't know what the latter was, and I did exactly that. The sentence came out extremely awkward and almost slightly ungrammatical but heck, did I really care? No. I just went up and read it out to the class, and twice too, because I misread the end of the sentence the first time and it came out funny-sounding.

Tutor was like, I would've liked to hear more of that actually.

So it was a light-hearted affair and the usual relentless assault of technical terms and similar technicalities on our (my) poor, vulnerable minds wasn't in full force today. Hence, one less LAWR lesson to bitch about.

Having said that, I really don't want to write the memorial and I want to moot even less so LAWR still sucks.

In other news:

1. My Project Runway download finished in about three hours and I'm happy that I get to watch it tonight;

2. I'm stoked about Thursday because there's no LAWR which means I will end at 11.45 after which I'll head down to Cineleisure to catch Walk the Line with Pei! It'd be that much more awesome if Mel weren't the super busy girl she is but we'll catch another movie another time;

3. Getting the acknowledgement letter from Durham Uni today kind of made me think that giving up law school after putting myself through one hellish year of it is just stupid and not worth it so I think, most probably, I will be seeing it through;

4. I couldn't get out of bed this morning and seriously entertained thoughts of skipping the morning LAWR lecture, but because my mom is severely uptight about me skipping clsses (even if LAWR lectures are typically attended by about 50% of the whole first year student body) she switched off the air-conditioner and didn't turn on the fan and so it was getting warm and I couldn't go back to sleep so I begrudgingly dragged myself out of bed;

5. The lecture was half worth it and half not - worth it because the lawyer jokes were funny (Q: Why do sharks not eat lawyers? A: Professional courtesy), and not worth it because I was falling asleep;

6. I need to cut my bloody fringe because it's long and ugly;

7. I want to go to Taiwan now and cut my hair;

8. I can't wait to go back to Taiwan in June this year!; and

9. I actually wanted to say more but I don't remember what I wanted to say.

I should read that draft chapter thing for Criminal Law. At first I was like, YEAH JUST ONE ARTICLE! Then I scrolled down and discovered it's 45 pages long.

Time to stop committing academic suicide.

(Even after a year or so Tubby's catchphrase doesn't get old.)

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