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stupid entry that's not worth anyone's time.

My penchant for older men is both slightly alarming and not really surprising. I won't elaborate on the former, but as for the latter, I think students will cease to be a turn on really, really quickly.

Of course, age isn't everything; intelligence is a must, an excellent command of English is a prerequisite and needless to say, good looks is a given. But, I don't know. Some people my age have all of those things but I look at them and I'm like, So What? I don't know how to pull a halfway coherent explanation for this out of my arse, and maybe no explanation is required because this doesn't really matter now, does it? I don't know, once again.

Still, I may be more excited about men in their early 30's right now than guys in their early 20's, but the minute a person who fits the age criteria sends me something like "i like ur look ur number please", I'm just like, Whatever - complete with bimbo tone, too.

And all of this is just displacement activity because I don't feel like writing my Statement of the Case or whatever for LAWR class tomorrow. I'm stuck reading the third page of the assignmed Neumann readings and needless to say, it's no picnic at all. The only thing I wanna do now is to continue watching Alias and find out if they really made Sloane an evil bastard again.

(Cue Alias talk)

I've been watching Season 4 again, picking up from where I left off months ago. The earlier episodes were boring but the middle ones have been quite intriguing and exciting so far. It still pales in comparison to the greatness that were Seasons 1 and 2, but all things considered, it's still good, thrilling entertainment.

Now, I must be the only person that watches Alias who likes Arvin Sloane and desperately wants him to be good. Because I do. When they fake-killed him in Season 3, I was so sad that I almost cried, so imagine my delight when it was revealed that it was a hoax (okay, pretty contrived twist there but who really cares right). I have a feeling that Season 4 saw him returning to his evil, Rambaldi-obsessed ways - which fucking sucks. I mean, really, I hate being yanked around like that, being manipulated by indecisive writers into believing that a seemingly-evil character can indeed have shades of grey and some glimmer of goodness.

And, well, I think Ron Rifkin is a good-looking old dude (not an older man, mind you; large difference between the two. Ron "Sloane" Rifkin looks old enough to be my grandfather, so - ew) and he and Jack Bristow seem to have this slight homoeroticism undercurrent thingy going on so that's pretty cool as well.

Of course, I may be the only person that senses that. Yeah, I'm crazy. No, I don't really care.

Also, Michael Vaughn is freaking boring. Kill him now, please, and bring Sark back as a regular. I miss Sark, but I miss Old Sark more. This New Sark seems too cowardly for my liking, so that it completely subtracts from his evilness. I don't like evil, but since this is TV and since Sark is like so hot I DON'T REALLY CARE!

Needless to say, Jennifer Garner is hot and Sydney is awesome.

(end Alias talk)

Okay, I have to shower and then watch Quan Min Da Men Guo and then try to come up with a semi-persuasive statement of the case thingy. Sounds like a plan to me.

(PS. Daniel Franco added a new picture on his MySpace and he looks so gorgeous in that pic. Ahh! Be still, my heart!

PPS. Having said that, my short obsession with him has more or less faded already.)

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