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i am backup.

I don't usually post quiz results, but this, I couldn't pass up.

<td> You scored as Backup (2.0). You seemed to have changed between the first and second episodes, but you are still our favorite badass doggie!


Backup (2.0)


Veronica Mars


Logan Echolls


Lilly Kane


Keith Mars


Wallace Fennel




Duncan Kane


Which Veronica Mars Character Are You?
created with</table>

I'm a dog. cool...I guess...

Anyway, I spent my afternoon watching Alias, four episodes in a row and only stopped because it was a few minutes before dinner and I wanted to sleep.

Ahh so nice leh!!

Okay, now that the Singlish is out of my system: It's really freaking good! Like, SLOANE!!! That Sloane episode was so good and I almost cried! That Jack Bristow episode was equally good too, so unbearably touching and heartfelt!

I don't dare to watch Alias at 12 midnight though. They come up with the grossest, sickest, most heart-wrenching gimmicks and plot twists. In this one episode it opened with a scene of a man who was the victim of some psychotic science experiment. His flesh was literally melting; you could see skin coming off, flesh turning into semi-liquid, and he was beating at the glass panel that separates the psychotic scientists from the radioactive zone and you could see the sticky traces of melted flesh he left on the window pane thingy.

It was gross and I totally couldn't watch. Jack Bristow also spent about 30% of an episode digging at his palm - yuck.

Such graphic scenes are not meant to be watched alone at 12 midnight.

I heard that Alias got cancelled though. How terribly sad. I mean, yeah, its quality is extremely uneven (Season 4 started out stupid and boring, and even though it got better, the plot is still rather convoluted) but gosh, the memories the show brings back! I've been watching it since Season 1, which was secondary school, and...well, it's just sad that a show I've liked and enjoyed for so long is getting the axe.

Speaking of nostalgia forms of entertainment, guess what I watched on MTV yesterday evening! A Backstreet Boys special! They aired old-school BSB vids like Get Down, As Long As You Love Me and Everybody (Backstreet's Back). Get Down was nauseatingly cheesy and hence hilarious; ALAYLM was...nice, in a corny sort of way, and I couldn't believe how I could've liked Nick Carter the way I did when he had that hideous haircut; and Everybody was actually still quite entertaining, despite the cheesy lyrics.

What a pleasant trip down memory lane. I still remember some of their lyrics, but then again, I hardly forget things. They were in Singapore recently - hence the special - and maybe I should've gone, just for the heck of it.

Then again - no. MTV also aired the opening three minutes of said concert and god, were they out of tune. Oh well, at least they sang live. Their harmonising also sucks serious ass now.

Anyway, as with every single LAWR class I was dreading today's class but it was quite entertaining. I was falling asleep at some parts, but overall it was cool. My presentation really sucked though, and Janice commented that when I spoke it seemed as though I was going to start laughing any minute...huh? That was a first. And I kept shifting around because the tutor commented earlier about this dude who placed his weight far too much on one side and was quite obvious about it, and I have a habit of doing the same, so whenever I realised that I was effectively standing on one foot I shifted, attempting to stand straight, but a few seconds later I lapsed into my old posture and I realised again and shifted again and on and on it went. Also, I couldn't really decipher my own handwriting so I kept looking down at my paper to the point that I knew I wasn't making much eye contact and I decided, Screw it, just read the rest of it.

I hate memorising things. I hate public speaking even more. But I do like such sessions; the personal torture lasts for about three minutes and for the rest of the class you can relax and chime in on the comments/praises/criticisms whenever you feel like it. It's pretty cool.

I still CANNOT imagine mooting though.

And that memorial thing is due next freaking Saturday! I am, like, so totally dead.

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