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Veronica Mars 13: Ain't No Magic Mountain High Enough.

Just watched Veronica Mars. Standard spoiler warnings apply.

First: OH MY GOD JASON DOHRING CUT HIS HAIR!!! Whatever possessed him to do that? Now Logan looks more like a young kiddy than ever! He looks like Pilot Logan and I didn't like Pilot Logan and it was the pre-back story jackass behaviour and and cropped-too-short hair that made me dislike him. He looks so much better with longer hair, like mid-to-end Season 1. Sigh.

Second: OH MY GOD FRANCIS CAPRA III IS GROWING HAIR!!! Hahahahahaha it's so hilarious and I don't even know why. Weevil with a fuzz on his head - HAHAHAHAHA! I'm sorry, but it totally makes him look a lot less tough than he's supposed to be. Still, I love Weevil. He's awesome.

Third: I HATE LOGAN'S LOVE INTEREST. Okay, so I get that she's the daughter of the dude that framed him, but still. I can't believe I was forced to watch Logan flirt with some ugly Veronica-lookalike for half the show, and it wouldn't be that bad if the actress could actually act but she totally couldn't. Just when I thought they'd got rid of one bad actor (Teddy Dunn - sorry dude), they brought on another. Major joy and happiness. And she totally did not deserve Logan's attention, but the final revelation as to her role in the plot...made up for it. I mean, it's quite obvious, judging from Logan's reaction to seeing the plastic surgeon, that he knew all along and that he's somehow using her to do...something.

There's no way Logan would like someone so cheesy. That's just not humanly possible. Why? Because I said so.

AND because Logan and Veronica should be together, purely because the first two letters of their names spell LoVe.

(Okay, yes, that was stupendously cheesy. Sadly, I did not even remotely come up with it.)

Before I move on: I still hate Hannah (Logan's love interest). I will never like Hannah. Face it, dude (which reminds me: "I say dude all the time" - Hannah. Shut up you pathetic loser!), she can never replace Veronica in your heart. NEVER. She's just a cheap rip-off of the real thing, and she comes with brains excluded. You need Veronica. Get your act together and get her back!

Anyway, fourth: I actually like Jackie now. How is that possible? I absolutely hated her and wished her dead when she appeared in the earlier episodes, but since last week I was like, Well, maybe she's not that bad; and this week, they played the Sympathy Trump Card and I felt really bad for her and she's actually cool when she's not trying to be snarky/bitchy.

And, well. What can I say? Her dad is hot. Yum.

Fifth: I love Mac and Beaver. I hated Dick. I hate Dick, period. Yeah he's pretty cute but he's such a dick and he's freaking stupid. It was hilarious when he got into his car to "kill time" with a woman who obviously looked like a man - like I said, so freaking stupid. I wished him all sorts of death when he made fun of Mac and Beaver, and I don't know, you just don't do that to your brother, you stupid moron. Jeez.

Sixth: Poor Keith. His idol fell from grace. I felt bad for him, when he was recalling that last baseball game which his idol lost on purpose. Enrico Colantoni (sp) is like, amazing. I felt his disappointment in that scene; could so relate.

Seventh: Logan is so twisted. So, so twisted. Just...twisted. Man. I love him even more in the light of this knowledge. Hannah should wake up from her princess fairy tale and smell and shit and get away from him before it's too late, not because I remotely give a shit about her, but because I don't want to be forced to watch her anymore. I hate her, have I mentioned that? I really hate her. (Hmm. Now I understand what Rob Thomas meant by Logan's motives. Ah, yes, I get it.)

Enough with the numbering.

The Mystery of the Week was incomprehensible, as usual. I don't get the bag switch thing, but got the rest of it. Still, that one detail bugs me and I don't get it and I feel stupid when I don't understand Veronica Mars mysteries. Sigh. Still, I was glad when that horrible bitch of a teacher got caught stealing the carnival money. (She called Jackie 'trash'; how horrible is that? 'Horrible', in fact, doesn't even sufficiently cut it.)

Loved that last scene with Veronica and Weevil. It was sweet, and potentially romantic. Oh my god, I KNOW! Veronica and Weevil!

That'd be interesting. Uh, they probably won't last beyond like two episodes.

Then again, Don't go there. They're friends and just keep it that way. I like my inter-character relationships pure and just the way they are.

I liked last week's episode a bit better but this week's feels more like Season 1. I liked the carnival stuff; it was cool. Also, interesting the way they juxtaposed the carnival with the more serious conversation between Keith and Terrence. On the one hand, you have a fun, light-hearted high school activity; on the other, two people talk about a very serious crash that killed a bush full of kids, and one of them is implicated for it. I'm too tired to even venture a guess as to what the intention was behind it, if there was one.

There had to be one. It's Veronica Mars. Everything on this show happens for a reason. That's why it's so amazing.

Awesome lines:

Veronica: What's your poison?
Logan: Emotionally unavailable women.

Ding Ding Ding! Hannah, you're out.

I'm tired. Going to bed to dream sweet dreams of Veronica Mars. Wahoo.

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