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the quid pro quo.

I'm currently desperately trying to bluff my way through the Contract tutorial on remedies. The only reason I even need to bluff is because, as usual, I haven't read any of the cases and don't really know what the hell the topic is about, besides the obvious (I mean, remedies can't possibly be about consideration, right? Or maybe it can. Okay, whatever).

I hate Contract and I hate Contract tutorials even more. My favourite module this semester is Criminal Law by far. The thing is, I'm not really sure if it's because I genuinely like the readings (how can I when I read about 10% of them?) or if it's because MH is quite easy-going about things and attending his classes is totally stress-free and I like that because it gives me room to completely slack off.

I did try to pay attention in class today. I listened to about half of it and spent the other half looking at useless things online. I'm not treating the law student that is supposed to be me very well, as you can see.

As evidence of what I just typed, I got a C for my statutory research memo. It was exactly what I predicted and I'm slightly surprised that I didn't fail; a significant part of me, though, was also decidedly crestfallen when I saw that C on the grading sheet. As much as I knew that I totally screwed it up, nobody - and I mean, NOBODY - wants to get a fugly C, no matter what her bravado tells her.

Oh well. At the very least, the issue which I knew was correct was indeed correct, and the second issue which I pulled out of my arse because I had nothing to say was in fact the irrelevant/incorrect one. The depth (please excuse the contradiction inherent in my choice of word) of my research was also described as 'thin', most likely because the tutor was too polite to use the phrase 'blatantly non-existent'.

With the dreaded and untouched memorial due this Saturday at 11.59 p.m. again (hence - there goes my freaking weekend), all I gotta do now is to muster up enough motivation to park myself in the library for a couple of hours one of these days to scour through the relevant law books just so I won't look too bad.

I was supposed to have lunch with someone at NYDC tomorrow afternoon but I cancelled because Warwick is apparently going to email me some interview questions which I'd have to complete in 24 hours, and then I have bloody LAWR on Thursday during which we're supposed to present some opening statement or whatever on the Singapura Investments (or is it Investment?) versus Jacqueline Chandran/Chandra case and needless to say I haven't even started on drafting up the facts so I'd definitely need time for that. And we're not supposed to refer to notes - dammit - which means I need time to memorise the thing.

I am so looking forward to March, end sarcasm. Can I please wake up to end April/early May tomorrow with a decent grade for my moots without actually needing to go through it? "Dread" does not even begin to sum up my feelings towards the whole mooting thing.

A large part of me wants to go to England, but there's always a 'but' and this one is doing a very good job of pulling me back.

In other news, my life is officially over. I found out, in the middle of Criminal, that they're showing Veronica Mars reruns in the States for the next three weeks! Oh my god this means NO NEW EPISODES FOR THREE WEEKS! When I read that my jaw literally dropped and it hung open for about thirty seconds, no lie.

Sigh. LIKE, MAJOR SIGH. VM is about the only thing that I constantly look forward to, that makes Thursdays less shitty, that gives Friday nights (when I typically watch my newly-downloaded episode) an exciting reason to stay home. I was REALLY looking forward to this week's because of the whole Logan/Hannah thing; I want to see how it'd play out, and, well, it won't ever hurt to see more of Logan. And then there's that whole issue with the bus crash, and Veronica herself, and you really don't need to justify why you're excited about Veronica Mars, purely because it's Veronica Mars.

Am I pathetic? Really, am I? 'Cause I feel like the world has just ended and that I'm really going to die a virgin after all.

All thanks to Jason Dohring and Veronica Mars (the show), I now find the name 'Logan' exceedingly sexy.

And the whole Valentine's Day thing? I'll just pretend I'm ignorant of the fact.

Wait, then again, here's something interesting: I've had boyfriends in the past but I've never been with anyone on Valentine's Day. We either break up before this seemingly love-filled day - which rather frightfully has the far-reaching effect of indiscriminately brainwashing tens of thousands of millions of individuals the whole world over to buy into the blatant commercialism perpetrated by money-hungry corporations into parting with said individuals' hard-earned cash on stupid gifts that definitely cost less on the other three-hundred-and-sixty-four days of the week and on displaying affection/love/lust/whatever that can also be perfectly displayed on any other days of the freaking year - arrives, or get together late into the year (and break up two months later).

I wonder if my scorn and deep-seated cynicism towards this Valentine's thing have anything to do with the aforementioned fact.

So here's the quid pro quo: If my situation ever changes (how I love saying what I refuse to directly say in such vague and meaningless words), I will shut up about how stupid the whole gimmick is.

I want to watch Matchpoint. Jonathon Rhys-Meyers is definitely a guy I'd jump into bed with if the opportunity ever arises. Just look at him - the dude is hot. That's all I have to say.

I really oughta complete (using this word loosely) that bothersome Contract tutorial.

Should I watch the latest Grey's Anatomy tonight? I'm dying to find out what happens after the previous episode (it's a two-parter) but I gotta reach school at 8.30 a.m. again tomorrow 'cause my mom is meeting someone at 9 again.

Most probably I will watch though. Have I ever been able to resist the lure of being sucked into a well-scripted and well-acted drama? Hell no.

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