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eulogy for the memorial. (rest in peace, bastard.)

I can't believe I'm missing Project Runway on Discovery Travel and Living for freaking LAWR. This is just wrong. Wrong, I say! Especially since I finished my arguments and all that crap at exactly 11 p.m. on my laptop clock (the time at which PR starts) and spent the next 40 freaking minutes sorting out my table of contents stuff.

It was RETARDED and it PISSED ME OFF. Don't lawyers pay clerks to do that sort of formatting rubbish for them? If not, they should.

I am really damn screwed for that memorial thing. I had no arguments and the stuff I wrote, I pulled out of my arse, my citations were all confused and I ended up using none of the stuff I photocopied in the library on Thursday. If they didn't already give out F's for such assignments, I would be setting the precedent, no doubt about that.

I'm just glad it's done and over with and that next week's mid-semester break.

Also, the pirates sneakily uploaded the torrent for the latest episode of Project Runway 2 and I found out, like, hours after the fact. Ugh. I have nothing to watch tonight and I was really looking forward to watching PR on Discovery Travel and Living!

This day has definitely cemented my unbridled and vehement hatred for LAWR.

I spent yesterday afternoon watching the latest episode of Gilmore Girls and trying to get started on the memorial. I spent last night reading a random blog. I tried to get the whole memorial out by this morning, 3 a.m., but I was too tired to think of nonsensical pseudo-arguments to write and so I went to bed. I proceeded to spend this afternoon reading and re-reading Mitsui/Rukawa fics on (some of which were my own) and looking for good Veronica Mars fics to read (but found none).

Somehow, I just don't care about my grades anymore. Why is that? I think this is the real me, and that the two years in Jurong Junior were a fluke. I'm so distracted that it's really quite scary, the way I treat exams as non-issues and the way I'm dealing with them with a 'when it comes, it comes' sort of attitude, similar to the one Logan Huntzberger espoused in the latest Gilmore episode.

That is not good I suppose but DAMN I don't give a shit right now. It's one of those not-real things. Just...get out of my head.

Anyway, I must be seriously allergic to LAWR because I had a bad runny nose as company while doing the memorial today. Or maybe, just maybe, it's finally time to clean up my dirty room.

After the short Mitsui/Rukawa fics-reading session this afternoon, I suddenly feel like writing about them all over again. I'm generally against unrealistic proclamations of "love" between teenagers and other sappy crap along those lines, but when Mitsui and Rukawa are the ones proclaiming their love for each other, I think it's the most perfect, beautiful thing in the world. They are just so...right. Somehow. I don't know.

You know stories in which there is a saviour and there is someone in need of saving? That is exactly how I envision Mitsui/Rukawa. I suppose it'd be the same with any other pairing, but Mitsui's abrasive, cocky personality and Rukawa's freakiness that allows the fanfic writer to mould it to suit the context of her story without making him too out of character make it that much more believable and precious. Most of the time, Rukawa is the saviour and Mitsui is the one who needs to be rescued from himself, and somehow, I really like the idea of an arrogant jackass who thinks he's god's gift to humanity and basketball being broken down and pieced together again by the proverbial Ice Prince, so unpredictable in his actions that it always makes sense.

The catch is, love stories like that never exist in real life. And I suppose it's me living vicariously through them and stories devoted to them that make the pairing so appealing. I go even more fangirl-ish over them than Logan/Veronica. Like, wow, and all.

Anyway, I feel a serious flu coming on. My throat feels all mucus-y and gross like that. Ack.

Right now, I wish like hell that Warwick accepts me. I'm not sure I want a law degree anymore.

I never claimed to be constant. Ha, ha.

Tags: fanfiction, law school, slam dunk

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