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lost and...

Over the past few days, I:

1. Watched Walk the Line for a second time;

2. Fell madly in love with Joaquin Phoenix for a second time;

3. Found out that I've been rejected from UCL (University College London) for English but don't really care either way;

4. Went cycling at East Coast Park with Rui, Jean, Agatha, Kelvin, Khelvin and Petrina and it was fun;

5. Subjected myself to some downright unpleasant aching in the lower back and the butt due to the aforementioned activity;

6. Have not done anything school-related;

7. Basically wasted my holidays on superficial nothings when I really should be revising my work; and

8. Celebrated my dad's birthday on the 20th.

My dad kicks ass.


I've been tagged by Mag!

4 things/people that make me smile

1. Compliments. This may or may not include meaningless sweet-talking. I haven't made up my mind.
2. Joaquin Phoenix, Jay Chou, Veronica Mars, Julian Barnes (especially JB, I have to say).
3. My toy cow. <3
4. This goes without saying, but just in case: Family and friends. You know who you are. (If you don't, you're probably better off.)

4 ways to win my heart

1. Look like Jay Chou. HAHAHA! Just kidding. Hmm, let me see...well, duh, Have A Damn Good Command of English and Chinese.
2. Be sophisticated. I don't like lame jokes, I particularly hate Singlish (a bit here and there is endearing; Singlish every other word is annoying), and I don't like being reminded that I'm going out with a student or an army dude (this is the worst in my opinion) or basically someone who has no idea what the hell he's gonna do with his life.
3. Love Literature and write really well. If there's one thing I really can't stand, it's pseudo-poetry written by guys to girls that are supposed to be "romantic" that rhymes really freaking badly. Unless it's supposed to be satirical or whatever, it's just really embarrassing on the guy's part when I privately think "Oh my god you have GOT to be kidding" - which is almost definitely a sure thing. In my humble opinion, bad freeverse poetry is always better than bad rhyming poetry.
4. Simply put, be everything that everyone else is not.

4 things I believe

1. Art for art's sake. Hahahahaha. And that Literature should never pander to the masses.
2. Humanity is essentially good.
3. Despite no. 2, humanity is also freaking stupid.
4. The only people that love you unconditionally - truly unconditionally - are your family members. Mom, Dad, Sibling (brother).

4 things I'm afraid of

1. Bugs and other assorted creepy crawlies.
2. Dying before accomplishing things I want to accomplish.
3. Making errorneous decisions that will eventually screw up the rest of my life.
4. I can't think of the last one.

4 things/people I wanna see right now

1. In all honesty? Joaquin Phoenix. I've decided that he's my ideal man. Siiiiigh. He's so beautiful, both inside and out. He's a vegan and he's anti-death penalty. We are, like, so meant to be.
2. I BLOODY NEED A NEW VERONICA MARS EPISODE! Two weeks into the hiatus and I'm barely hanging in there. March 15 cannot arrive any faster!
3. Mel (I miss her), Pei, Khai (been ages), Mag (the flu kept her away!), Carine, Yun, Pearlyn. I'm glad I saw Rui and Jean yesterday or this list would be even longer.
4. My future. I need to know that I'm not making the wrong choice. ("I'm not making" as opposed to "I'm making the right decision". How interesting.)

4 people who should also do this

1. Mel
2. Rui
3. Jomel
4. Tingren


I watched One Tree Hill's pilot early this morning and I think the show seems pretty stupid. I like the dad-son conflict but I don't like the ChadMichaelMurray-DarkHairedDude-BlondHairedClosetPunkRockerCheerleader love triangle thing. In fact, Lucas (I think?) is a bit of a cliche, don't you think? Boy from wrong side of the tracks with a sensitive soul who reads Shakespeare? Hmm, I wonder where I've seen that before.

On the bright side, Chad Michael Murray is damn cute and so is the Dark Haired Dude. The basketball scenes are awesome, albeit extremely unbelievable (the two Scotts never missed a single shot in the entire episode - give me a break. Even NBA stars aren't that deadly accurate. Such things are only believable in Slam Dunk). And I like the close-knit relationship Lucas has with his mom as opposed to the rather screwed up one Dark Haired Dude has with his dad.

Still, it was alarming how predictable I found the entire episode to be, especially that no-brainer challenge between Lucas and Dark Haired Dude. But having said all that, this show will make a great way to pass my time and it will be what The OC ceased to be in Season 3: Entertainment. Hell yeah.


I was going to do my Contract tutorial today but I woke up at 1.34 p.m., sat on the couch in the living room and watched Veronica Mars (for the sixth time) and then proceeded to sit at my laptop and surf my time away.

I am quite afraid of all the shit that is definitely to come.

Being me, I deal by not thinking about any of it.

Have I ever mentioned that I've already mastered the art of running away a long, long time ago?

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