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American Idol ramblings.

Because I'm bored and because I love Taylor Hicks:

Remember how I loved Bo Bice and kind of swore that I'd never watch American Idol again because it's just not the same without him? Well, evidently, I went back on that promise. Initially it was just the audition rounds because they never failed to crack me up in the past (this season's were rather boring though, sadly), and I think at one point in time I was genuinely going to stop watching once they got to Hollywood...but Taylor Hicks popped up and he replaced Bo Bice as the Number One Reason to watch the show.

(My number 2 reason is Simon Cowell because he is sexy and has a great British accent.)

I didn't like that Elton John song he sang but he's different and special and his voice is amazing, and there's something very honest and genuine about him that really warms my heart. He's this grown man and yet, the way he was bouncing around happily after he received rave reviews from the judges, his excited and joyful banter with Randy Jackson, all of it just exudes this strange and sweet child-like feeling about him. On the one hand, it really makes me smile because he's so unpretentious and real; on the other, it worries me a bit that people are going to make fun of him because a typical 29-year-old doesn't behave like that, much less on national television.

I'm sure that he'll make it to the top 12 at least though. He's so weird (and I mean that in a good way) and that's exactly why I dig him. I don't get the tiniest sense that he's trying to be gimmicky with his robotic movements on stage; it's just what he does, letting his passion for music and singing take over. And I adore how he's not self-conscious at all and how infectious his enthusiasm is.

It's almost like I'm living out my 12-year-old dream of becoming a pop star (stop laughing!) vicariously through him. It's just fantastic, watching him, and his voice is amazing. Other contestants claim that they're passionate about music and all that but Taylor is the only one who shows it with such careless abandon. I love it. How awesome would it be if he actually wins it?

And I can't even begin to express how happy I was when Simon changed his mind about him. I know, I'm so lame, but heck I don't even care. Seriously, you can basically ignore what Paula says because she says the same damn thing about everyone, and she can even say "So What?" to her own observations that a contestant was off-pitch in a singing competition. And Randy grates on my nerves when he's incomprehensible and going "Yo dawg man dat was da bomb dude so hawt yo!" Seriously, get a freaking dictionary. The only judge worth listening to? Simon Cowell. And I'm not even biased towards him because I love his accent. If I were a contestant, I would take getting a strike from Simon to mean that my performance really sucked ass; hence the happiness when he finally said something positive about Taylor.

Anyway, my second-favourite male contestant is probably Patrick Hall because he's GORGEOUS. He is so my type, I tell you. And that voice is pleasant to listen to as well, but sadly, his performance was forgettable. If I didn't find him so good-looking I wouldn't even remember him.

The Southern rocker didn't impress. Chris Something was good but still nowhere as awesome as Bo was. That Ace dude looks too damn much like the hateful Constantine from last season, and his brother is much hotter. But, despite the creepy lyrics of that George Michael song (Father Figure?), I thought he sang really well. He's too boyband-ish for my liking though.

I hated that fat dude in that tacky tuxedo. SERIOUSLY, what the hell was that? It was excruciating to watch. That non-geeky 16-year-old who sang the Jackson 5 song was bloody off-pitch too, and I liked Kevin Something's audition but his performance was weak.

This sounds bad but somehow, Elliot reminds me of a suicide bomber. That said, I liked him. Nice voice and all.

That weird-ass Gedeon or whatever guy was hilarious. Bro and I were laughing our butts off at his dance movements. Bro was laughing especially hard at Jose "Sway" (what a freaking stupid moniker) Something and yes, the falsetto was horrendous. There's such a thing as too damn much of a good thing, genius.

Also, I don't like his face.

The girls bored me to tears; I was lying on the couch and almost fell asleep towards the end. Seriously, the only two contestants I liked were Mandisa and Katharine McPhee; everyone else - except Stevie the Opera-Trained, Female Josh Groban-Wannabe - sounded the same. I particularly did not care for Lisa Tucker and thought she basically oversang and screamed the whole song away. Paris Bennett also annoys me, but this is mostly because I don't like her face as well. Kellie Pickler bloody annoys me, Brenna is a huge unfunny joke, and I don't really remember the rest of them.

I actually thought Stevie wasn't too bad because she sounded different from your run-of-the-mill Power Singing that dominates the female part of the competition (and gosh did it get excruciatingly boring!) but she's definitely going home. I would personally boot Lisa Tucker and Paris Bennett first but that's just me.

They should just eliminate all the girls except Mandisa and Katharine, eliminate that fat dude in the tacky tuxedo and either Jose or GedeonWhatever and get everyone else to the top 12. That'd make for much better entertainment.

On a different note, my face is itching. I think I've been bitten by some disgusting random insect. Yuck.

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