anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

we like surveys. we're all crazy for surveys.

This is the 4th survey I've done in this diary. I am bored, and desperately avoiding studying for Chinese and doing the blasted composition. I got this from urban-faerie. Yeah.

full name: Goddess Yelen Almighty.

nicknames: Yelen, yel, yal, lanny, trip, edith.

birthdate: 14 July 1986.

zodiac sign: Cancer.

gender: Chick.

location: Singapore.

hair colour: Black.

eye colour: Brown. Duh. I'm Asian. Like, 100%, totally, pure Asian.

height: 165 cm/5'5" or something.

glasses? Yeah.

braces? Retainers.

piercings? None, and ain't gettin' any.

tattoos? None.

best feature? I like my eyebrows.


tv shows: ER, Buffy, Dark Angel, The Practice but I haven't watched that in months, Boston Public but I haven't watched that in months, Boy Meets World, Lizzie McGuire, but I can't watch it anymore 'cause Daddy cancelled Disney Channel. Bleah.

drink: Water, tea with milk.

magazines: Time, Empire, Aussie Rolling Stone, Juice.

place to hang: Orchard. There's nowhere else.

subject in school: None.

day of the week: Whatever.

fruit: Watermelon, mango, longan, mandarin oranges, banana. Tropical fruits rule.

veggies: Eh. Tough one.

fast food: I don't eat fastfood unless the occasion calls for it. I try to avoid McDonald's. But it's convenient.

restaurant: Pasta Fresca! They get points for having gorgeous waiters. (refer to "a great restaurant experience".)

colours: Blue.

pizza toppings: Cheese, pineapple, lots of cheese, did I mention cheese? Lots of tomato sauce too. Damn, Italian food is awesome.

animals: Dogs, cats, hamsters, llamas, rabbits, tigers, kangaroos, koala bears...

candy: Skittles.


danced around naked? Who knows?

held a weapon? A knife.

commited a crime? Yep. Under-age drinking, purchasing pirated VCDs and DVDs, jay-walking, and bringing chewing/bubble gum into the country. Stupid things like that.

gotten in a car accident? No.

ran away from home? No.

cheated on a test? Oh, no. I'm such a saint. Come on, who hasn't?

played strip poker? No.

broke a bone? Maybe. I don't know.

had a medical emergency? Yes. Had a sudden asthma attack when I was 8. I was at this restaurant with the big family, and I was playing and running about with my cousins, and all of a sudden I started wheezing. Parents rushed me to a polyclinic. Not a hospital, but I think I had an inhaler or something then. Then again, it's perfectly possible that I got it all wrong...


sang out loud? Today.


cried? Two nights ago, when I was attempting to study for the bloody Maths test.

screamed? Today.

ate chinese food? I eat it everyday.

watched a cartoon? So long ago. I don't watch cartoons.

took a picture? I don't remember.

talked to a friend? Today.

had sex? Don't remind me.

had a deja vu? I have them all the time. Had another one today during Maths. I don't know, it was really quick, and really brief. It left a second later.


have a pager? Pagers are useless. No.

have a cell phone? No.

have your own car? I'm not even 16 yet.

have clothes on right now? Yeah.

overreact? Who doesn't?

masturbate? Who doesn't? (But rarely now.)

have any pets? Yes.

save e-mails? Yes.

smoke? No.

do drugs? No.

drink? Yes, but not a lot. And not very often either.

have a boyfriend? No. Shut up.

have a girlfriend? Yes. I have girlfriends. They're all my friends.

have a crush? YES!

sleep with animals? No.

sleep with lights off? Yes.

think you're weird? This survey is pointless.

have brothers or sisters? I have a brother.

party a lot? How about never?

go online? ...No.

sleep a lot? Yes, when I can. I thrive on sleeping. I live to sleep. I slept on the bus today.

have a job? No.

shave? I don't shave my legs. Don't really have a lot of hair on it. And I can't be bothered.


what is your most prized possesion? My diaries.

what is the worst song you've heard? Don't get me started.

what is the most embarrasing cd you own? Limp Bizkit's "Significant Other". I hate them now. I never liked that stupid CD anyway.

what is the worst thing that have happened to you? Getting burned.

what do you do when you're bored? Surveys.

what's the last movie you rented? I forgot. It was so long ago. I think it was "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?" and "Marvin's Room". Both with Leonardo DiCaprio!

what kind of clothes do you sleep with? Shorts and T-shirt.

what is the first thing you notice about boys? Hair.

what is the first thing you notice about girls? Clothes. I don't know why.

what turns you on? Tobey Maguire's biceps. =)

what colour underwear are you wearing? White. Weird choice of colour, considering I'm having my period...


thinking: About my underwear. Thanks for the tip.

feeling: Slightly sleepy, and stressed when I think about all the unfinished/untouched homework.

seeing: Words.

smelling: Nothing.

doing: This survey.

Tags: surveys

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