anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

it's a sad world.

It's mildly disturbing how I feel a small sense of achievement when I pay attention to at least 80% of my classes. Disturbing because it only goes to prove how far behind I really am in my work. I was bored out of my skull early this evening and I decided to visit the Criminal Law and Legal Theory forums. In one of the forums I read a throaway comment made by this guy that went something like, "I'm just a struggling first year law student."

Uh?? Let me tell you something. I've only seen that guy do a grand total of two things: 1) Walk from lecture to lecture (or lecture to tutorial, whatever) and 2) study at the same table every single day. If he's struggling, I've already bloody drowned.

No, wait - make that my body had (past tense) already decomposed.

I give up on trying to salvage my first year. It just can't be done. Contract is a goner, I'm too lazy to read the long-ass posts on the Legal Theory forum, let alone the long-ass readings, I suck at LAWR and Criminal gives me a way too false sense of security. I'm really no good at this academic thing.

I seem to suck at shopping too. I was at Orchard with my mom today and all I bought was a white (again?!) T-shirt from Zara. The only reason I bought it? It's of a gold-coloured (there's a need to differentiate between gold the material and gold the colour) and studded pirate-style skull. Why did I buy such a fugly shirt?

Neptune Pirates.

Veronica Mars reference, hello?! I crack up whenever I hear Veronica say "Go Pirates!" Ah, I love my show.

I'm getting so fat, it's not even bloody funny. Shirts that are slightly fitting hug my body in all the wrong places, flaws that I try too damn hard to hide. And having said that, I'm not doing a single thing about it because I'm too lazy and because the weather sucks and I have bad knees and yadayadayada.

Apart from that, I bought Truman Capote's In Cold Blood and Kate Atkinson's Emotionally Weird. Pam recommended the latter and she made it sound very interesting and I finally remembered the author's last name and it was available in Borders and I love buying books and reading them two years later after they've turned yellow on my shelf so there you go.

I am so bored of Orchard.

And I officially hate NYDC at Wheelock. The music is too damn loud and there are nearly always a huge group of stupid and annoying teenagers who make a shit load of noise, and the worst part? They get all the waitresses' attention. It was damn annoying and my mom was super pissed off.

Even more aggravating was the fact that whoever made my hazelnut elephancchino (sp?) was stupid enough to overdose it with hazelnut syrup. I love hazelnut as much as the next halzelnut lover but too much of a good thing becomes a very awful thing. It was too sweet and I couldn't taste the slightest hint of caffeine.

I walked out of there feeling fat and annoyed.

Oh, and NYDC jacked up its prices! My staple food costs $1 more now. I suspect it's because of increased operating costs due to the new outlet at the Heeren which I'd rather die than go to because it's outdoors by the bloody main road. How dirty and disgusting is that? Seriously. And you'd sweat to death. Seriously. Maybe no one wants to go there because it's outdoors and next to the main road and so they're like making a loss, hence the increased prices.

Shit, man. As if it wasn't expensive enough in the first place. And why the hell - WHY THE HELL - should I pay service tax for shitty service? That's almost like criminalising acts of omission on the part of by-standers that result in the loss of life of someone in need of help! I mean, the rational against doing that is that you shouldn't force a person to do a good deed, that such heroic and selfless acts of rescue must come from the heart (or wherever you prefer).

Well, I hereby bloody submit that the same should apply to service charges. If the service is worth it, I'd tip; if not, I don't see why I have to pay extra, especially when some waiters/waitresses don't bloody deserve it.

Okay, so yes, I'm not making sense but it really annoys me. It's ridiculous. It's, like, 10 freaking percent of the damn bill. And then you have to pay an extra 5 bloody percent for, I don't, GST is it? Aiyah some other shitty tax lah.

See? I lapsed into Singlish. That only goes to show how annoyed I am about it.

I really want to skip school on Monday and watch the Oscars in the morning. I want to share that moment with Joaquin Phoenix. Uh, to feel the anticipation with him?

But then again I highly doubt he even gives a shit. He's not that kind of person to care about awards and the like.

Speaking of Monday, my LAWR is at 4 freaking 15 p.m.! Argh shit shit shit shit. Sigh. I really can't wait for this semester to be over. Put me out of my misery already.

On a different note, I saw three seconds of Bo Bice in the audience yesterday on American Idol after Taylor Hicks sang. I was like, excited. It's not good for the contestants when the only person I wanted to see was last year's runner-up.

Still love Taylor although he wasn't as good as the previous week yesterday. But I thought it was really funny the way he went, "No no no no no!" and fervently shook his head when Ryan Seacrest asked him if he thought that he was in the bottom three this week. He's such a weirdo and that's exactly why I like him.

I'm reading modern Chinese poetry right now. My dad recommended the book to me. Just - gorgeous. I have no words. I only wish I could express myself that well in Chinese.

Then again, I can only wish that I could express myself coherently in Chinese. Because I can't, at all.

It's a sad world.

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