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I was all happy and everything when I checked out the LAWR practice schedules for the next two lessons and saw that I was scheduled to speak on Wednesday, until I realised that my tutor errorneously marked me down as R1 when I'm supposed to be R2. (R = Respondent; 1 = common law issue and 2 = statutory issue which is what I'm doing.)

Which means I have to write my bloody arguments today. And since I'm going for Mel's play tonight, basically I have to get it done before 6 p.m. today.

I hate LAWR with every fibre of my being.

Siming kindly MSNed me his memorial and I'm going to steal my arguments from him. The "arguments" I pulled from what was virtually thin air a couple of hours before deadline for the memorial are not even worthy of being called "crap" because they are so much worse than that.

Tomorrow's class is at 4.bloody.15 for me and I think I have to (read: ought to) go to the library and look up stuff. How exciting, NOT. Have I mentioned how much I dislike going to the law library? Well, I do. I don't even know how to use the photocopying machine properly; my photocopied documents always have words chopped off.

March 15 seems to be nowhere in sight. It's ridiculous how empty I feel without new Veronica Mars episodes. Sigh.

Well, maybe not empty exactly; impatient, annoyed, listless, even with a hint of that odd feeling you get when something isn't going quite right in your life. What is it with American TV and hiatuses (if there's such a word)? No wonder a twenty-two episodes season can drag out over 9 months.

I didn't like the latest episode of Gilmore Girls. The scene with Logan's sister's bridesmaid or whatever friends and Rory grated on my nerves, the whole Lane/Zach thing was quite ridiculous, and I don't really know why Paris and Doyle broke up and that frustrates me quite a bit. I'm starting to like Logan less now; he's your typical arrogant rich kid who's too damn confident for his own good and it's annoying. AND I just could NOT get used to the idea of Rory and Logan living together, even if it was just for a bit. Gilmore used to be so much better, especially when Jess was around. I'm tempted to get the earlier seasons' DVDs. Maybe I will, if I find a cheap deal on eBay.

Family (cousins and uncles and aunts and grandmother) dinner at some void deck coffee shop in Bedok last night. The food was surprisingly good, definitely comparable to restaurant standards. The fish perturbed me though; the guilt over eating fish and the occasional prawns have got slightly worse lately.

When I'm ready to move out of the house, things will definitely start to change.

I'm wasting my time writing this pointless entry. I wanted to write about something specific but I'm not in the mood; maybe some other time.

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