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shitty post.

Can't believe I'm saying this, but man, Bo Bice sucked on American Idol tonight. That song is a true piece of shit. What the hell, really? "The Real Thing"?! I feel so bad for him that he has to record and market such crappy "pop/rock" songs (for the record, I don't believe there's such a thing; it's either pop or it's rock. You can't be pop and rock at the same time because the two terms contradict each other. If you're pop/rock, it means you're pop, period) and that's the reason I didn't buy his album. I heard "The Real Thing" and wanted to barf. I hope his second album contains more of that Southern rock thing he did on AI last year.

But STILL, watching Bo do what he always did with the mic stand brought back so many fond memories of last year and made me realise how shitty this year's contestants are. Chris Whatever seems like a nice, cool guy, and he's more contemporary rock than Bo, but he doesn't have the spark and the charisma that Bo has; Bucky is...well, more country than rock, and that should speak for itself; and everyone else (except maybe Melissa McSomething) isn't remotely rock.

Thank goodness there's Taylor. If it weren't for him, I would be falling asleep every single episode. He was so funny yesterday, what with his horrendous dancing and all. I was trying hard not to laugh but at one point of time he got even more excited and I just lost it.

But his voice, his VOICE, his enthusiasm, these are the reasons I like him and he never fails to deliver on these counts. He's great.

Also, I hate Kevin whatshisshittyface more than ever now. I can't believe HE got in instead of GEDEON. Okay, so I primarily like Gedeon because he makes me laugh (unintentionally, I'm sure) and because his first top 24 performance was a total riot but he has a much better voice than Kevin and his stupid and not-funny sex-symbol joke. Kevin totally butchered "Vincent" last night.

If there's any sort of fairness in the world at all (read: if America isn't as stupid as it seems to be), he'd be the first to be voted out.

And Paris. The reason I hate her is embodied in that shit she wore during the results show. Hate to break it to you but you're not Barbie and you'd never be so stop dressing like you're 10 for the love of my sanity. She is so annoying. Fantasia is ten trillion times better than her.

And Kellie Pickler. Oh my god. OHMYGOD. What did I ever do to deserve this torture?


Anyway, I made my third posting on the Legal Theory forum today. 25% class participation, based on your postings in the forum and the things you say in class. Since I will never speak up in class, I thought it's only wise that I try to salvage that 25% (what a sadistic percentage) and post something halfway intelligent.

Unfortunately, I don't really know what the hell Rawls tried to argue and his meaningless labels (comprehensive doctrine or whatever, overlapping consensus, hell I can't bloody remember what they are) don't make an ounce of sense to me so I just replied to a random post I read which I had something to reply to and that was that.

Hopefully I didn't get it completely wrong.

But I really don't get the contention that not criminalising abortion = deciding that it's not murder = answering the metaphysical question of when life begins. Just because the law is silent on a controversial issue, doesn't necessarily imply that it condones it.

Oh, hell. My mom came in and talked to me and broke my chain of thought. I hate it when that happens. I'm going to watch TV anyway.

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