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lousy entry.

One: Project Runway

(contains spoilers)

So I stayed up until around 1.30 a.m. this morning waiting for the stupid download to complete. It took over 24 bloody hours. Man, I was pissed. If I knew how to speed up my downloads, I would.

Anyway, Chloe won. Yay for her. By and large though all three finalists were slightly underwhelming, especially Santino. What happened to Santino? He toned down on his whickety-whack and - of course - got called out by the judges on it, the same judges who complained throughout the whole season that he's over-the-top. I thought he was too much as well, until I saw his collection. Let's just say that over-the-top Santino is a lot more interesting than toned-down Santino.

I hated Santino but now I don't. He's amusing, especially his Tim Gunn impersonations ("Where's Andrae?" HAHAHA). He's become an actual human being now, not just the designated self-absorbed, overly-confident, arrogant and mean Season 2 villain. That last dress was really pretty.

My favourite collection? Kara Janx's. And hers was a bloody decoy! She wasn't even in the final three but her collection blew me away. It was soooo pretty and I love her colours and her dresses, all that jazz. If she were actually competing, I'm pretty sure she would've won.

Daniel - my heart just bleeds for him. The way he was defending his work on the runway? Ouch. Just ouch. But he was first runner-up so good for him. He's such a sweetheart; he really is. Why are all the good guys gay? It's just so unfair. His collection had hits and misses for me. I really did not like the 13th piece the judges fawned over; when I saw it I was like, What the hell?

But hey, what do I know about fashion.

And then we have Chloe. She's Asian, you know. So cute. Her boyfriend is hot. I loved her big puffy pink dress thing, for some reason or other. I detected some Korean influences in it but she didn't bring it up during judging so maybe it's just a coincidence. I think she deserved the win; hers was the most breath-taking collection out of the three.

I almost didn't want to watch it even though I was dying to know who won (actually, Time magazine spoiled it for me; I flipped to the People section of the latest issue and saw Chloe's picture and immediately chucked the magazine aside without reading the short blurb. But any idiot can guess what it was in regards to and since I'm no know, yadayada) because I've come to really like these people (most of them, anyway) and I didn't want it to end! Now that it's over, I'm going to miss it. There's always Season 3 but it's just not the same with a different set of contestants. I mean, I'm kind of watching Season 1 and I can't stand most of them (Jay McCarroll especially, the winner - god, can he BE any more obnoxious? Fucking retard) and it's just not the same as watching Season 2!

Okay I'm not making sense.

Perhaps the most shocking thing about PR's season finale?

A female won the competition.

Like, as opposed to a gay man.


Two: School

There were about 60 people in Contract lecture this morning. I was one of them.

I find the lecturer hilarious though and I felt bad for him that the LT was so sparse. But I have to admit: he kind of reads from his PowerPoint and mumbles to himself. I tried to listen but he lost me after a while.

Of course, it's possible that that was entirely due to my lukewarm attitude towards Contract Law (hatefulhatefulhateful) but I found it harder to tune out in B. Ong's lectures. So. Yeah.

Anyway, Mag brought me Tim Tam biscuits and they are yummy! Thank you Mag. I love chocolate. That totally explains my size. I'm so fat that it's disgusting but I'm too lazy to do something about it. Sigh.

I tuned out halfway through Contract tutorial. I just couldn't listen. That sucks.

And LAWR. I was supposed to get started but it's 5.55 p.m. and I haven't even opened my memorial. Oh well.

Moots next Saturday. Bloody hell, I'm going to die of a heart attack.

Contract exam is closed-book.

Uh. Okay.

All I want is a C. Nothing more (because it's impossible) and nothing less (because anything less and my pride would commit suicide).


I wrote the beginnings of a story years ago and I just remembered its existence. I wanted to dig it out last night and read through it (because I still think the premise is workable) but guess what?

I can't bloody remember what I wrote it on.

Which means I don't even know where to start looking for it.

I am such a genius. Really.

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