anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

memorial re-write: a process pain in the you-know-where.

6.03 p.m.: OHMYGOD. I'm 300 words away from being 1000 words over the word limit.

OHMYGOD. This is not happening.


Update #1:

Word count of first draft of re-write was something like 3800.

I just spent the past three hours (including dinner and slacking time) trying to reduce my word count.

Currently the word count is around 3150.

I would rejoice, but then, I remember: I still have to reduce my stupid, pieceofshite 4-page statement of facts to a mere 2 pages.

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate assignments with a stupid word limit attached?

Also, I was hoping to reward myself with the new Veronica Mars but the download is crawling along at an average rate of 4 kb/s with 73.2% of the file completed.

My only happy thought is that LAWR will be over for good after next Saturday is over.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates on my memorial re-write and my bloody battle against the 3000 word limit.

10.13 p.m.: Update #2

I'm done! Hooray. The final word count was 2922. It really hurt cutting down my masterpiece though.

I would write more but I'm suddenly freaking sleepy and I think I need to get up from my chair and, like, walk around. My new VM is stuck at 78.6%. I'm sad.

I really dig some of the new arguments I plonked into my memorial. Hopefully AYGM and the other TG's tutor will be kind enough to give me a B-.

I had to delete this super nicely-phrased argument because I read it over and over and over and decided that it contradicts my main argument. That sucked though, the deletion. I wrote about scales and balances...okay, so it was largely style over substance and the argument was weak and took up space and whatever else, but still.

I love sleeping. I dreamt of a lot of weird shit last night, things that won't ever happen in real life. Why can't "real life" be as happening and fun as dreams?

Oh well, I'm thankful for the momentary escape that dreams give me anyway.

Edit #3:

Can you believe that I only got started on the memorial late late last night at around 11? I was distracted by Jay Chou videos on YouTube. He sang Hei Se Mao Yi live in Hong Kong, playing the piano, and it was so beautiful. I was trying to watch his live performance of Huo Yuan Jia but the video stopped buffering halfway through. I was so sad! I love that song.

Speaking of Jielun, he has a role in Zhang Yimou's latest film and he's playing this character. Haha! I'm so surprised that it's a Zhang Yimou film. Part of me is happy for him while the other part hopes that he doesn't screw it up. And needless to say, he's writing the theme song for the movie - that, I absolutely cannot wait for.

Heck, he should just release his 7th album now. Hopefully it'd be much better than the mediocrity that was November's Chopin. (Mediocre it may be, but I still like it anyway. I'm such a sucker.)

My new nickname is Mrs. P (for Phoenix), courtesy of Mag a.k.a. Mrs. W (for Wang, as in Lee Hom). Haha, this almost feels like I'm back in primary school for reasons I won't divulge, but I'm sure people like Rui who knew me in primary school will have a vague idea. It's too embarrassing to say. Really.

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