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Absolutely. Brilliant.

Two things happened at work today:

1. We received a fax from the Subordinate Courts informing us of the deadline to file certain documents and bundles for an upcoming trial. One of the documents to be filed by the stated date was the opening statement. This morning I talked to my boss about it, thinking I could perhaps be enlightened; but it turned out I was the one doing some of the enlightening.

The conversation went something like this:

Boss: What's this opening statement thing? Isn't it just something you do for the High Court? What does the [practice directions] say?
Me: Um, I haven't checked, but I think it's required for a Sub Courts trial. One of my friends sent me an opening statement he used in the Sub Courts.
Boss: Oh okay. So it consist of things like how long we'd need to cross-examine a witness and things like that is it?
Me [in my mind I was like O_o]: Um, no, it sets out the summary of what we want to say. It'll contain things like background facts, our arguments and authorities.

To say that I was flabbergasted by the words in bold would be a bit of an understatement.

But it actually got worse later on in the day. I received an email from the opposing lawyers of the same matter with a draft index to the agreed bundle of documents attached. The agreed bundle is something that pretty much everyone uses, and since we're defendants it's even better for us as it means we'd have less documents to prepare. It's not really a big thing, or something that requires much thought or dispute per se. It's just a bundle that is convenient and pretty much a given.

I forwarded it to Boss, and he replied me with this: "Pls call her [opposing counsel] and tell her that we're still taking our clients' instructions as to whether we want to have an agreed bundle."

If I thought I was flabbergasted in the morning, I was absolutely flummoxed and floored when I read that. I couldn't help but think: Oh my god, is he serious? Is this a joke? Is this some belated April Fool's prank?

I was actually relieved when Opposing Counsel didn't pick up her phone, even more relieved when she hasn't called me back by the time I left office. When I dialled the number I was already thinking of ways to say what Boss asked me to say without sounding too stupid. All I can say now, I'm so glad she didn't pick up the phone.


In other news, it's my birthday tomorrow. I am looking forward to sleeping in. Isn't it sad that the thing that I look forward to most is sleeping in?

Okay, that's not really accurate. I also really look forward to seeing what my precious boyfriend bought for me that's set him back so much that he told me we'd have to go out like paupers for the rest of the month. Yay, I can't wait!

Apart from that, the way I was feeling really down and listless the whole afternoon reminded me of the angst that I used to get everytime my birthday rolled around. I called it birthday angst. Last year bucked the trend - I wasn't working yet, I'd just got together with Wei Chuen, and I was happy to spend the whole afternoon with him. But this year, for some reason, it was like all the forces of the universe had converged and decided to conspire against me and make me quite miserable the day before my birthday. Before, I was still quite happy and excited, not just because of the birthday leave (any day off work is a day I'd cherish), but because I was excited to be with Wei Chuen. I'm still excited, but not as much as before, and definitely feel angsty about whatever again.

Very, very, very annoying. And that's putting it mildly.

It's so clear that work is the root of all my problems. This job is, to be precise. I want to stick it out for the requisite time period but on days like today, at times like now, I absolutely cannot fathom of how that's actually possible. I mean, this damn trial - there are so many little pedantic things to settle, like the stupid bundles, stupid draft index, what the fuck, seriously. It's things like that that make practice so fucking painful. It's the silly little details that make me absoluely not want to go to work, or continue in this profession. I just don't have the patience to deal with this crap, and in a broader sense, I really don't have the capacity to believe that it makes sense to waste tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on the litigation process. Money as an endgame makes little sense to me, if at all; and criminal law isn't really working out because the only active criminal file I'm on involves some insider trading rap which um, yeah, doesn't make sense to me either. One of the clients just decided not to appeal (after I spent last Thursday and Friday working my ass off to get the Petition of Appeal done in time for filing this week) against his conviction, and that was my other active criminal file. I absolutely hate civil work.

When I first started, it seemed like a given that I'd only reassess my options after six months.

Now, I find myself reassessing this job every other day.

I don't know what else to say anymore, except I really salute the people who derive joy, interest, or even passion from this job. Because I plain do not get it. At all. And there's little chance in hell I ever would.
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