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this entry sucks. a lot.

I've been trying to beat my TextTwist highscore of 56,030 but I keep dying at 30,000-something. Who has heard of the word 'demoed' anyway? Damn you, TextTwist and your addictive self, as well as your strange obscure words!

Anyway, I found out yesterday that I got an offer from Warwick for English and Creative Writing and I feel like going, but. This kind of sucks.

I watched Transamerica with a few people from my LAWR TG on Friday despite the R21 rating. It was Jeremy and four girls (myself included) and some anxiety because we are a year short of the proper age, with the exception of Jeremy who bought the tickets. The dude at the door didn't even bother with the carding thing and we just waltzed in like we had the right to. Haha. The movie was good and funny, and Felicity Huffman was amazing as the transsexual person. The guy that played her son, though, was hot and reminded me of a cross between Leonardo DiCaprio and River Phoenix. He had a nude scene but predictably it wasn't a full frontal one.

Not that I wanted to see him totally naked, but the other dude in that scene was totally naked. Um, yeah. I'm just saying. The son is a hustler and he makes it look sexy even though it really isn't, simply because he's so damn hot. Like, he has the best mouth ever, among other things.

I've been waiting to watch the latest Veronica Mars for over three days. I hate downloading things.

My LAWR tutor treated us to lunch on Thursday afternoon at the Kingfisher Cafe which is at the Guild House. The food was good and the company was even better. Kelvin dances the very fine line between Annoying and Funny and sometimes I wonder how Rui can stand him. Haha! No offence but sometimes he says such lame-ass things that I feel like smacking him! But he's good to have around; livens up the atmosphere and all that jazz.

Hung out at Mel's on Wednesday in the afternoon where we sniffed nailpolish fumes in her air-conditioned room and painted our nails. Watched a few episodes of South Park too and that show is hilarious. It's so sad we don't get funny stuff in Singapore. Sometimes I think this country needs to pull out the huge stick stuck up its arse. Seriously.

I downloaded the first episode of some new HBO series called Big Love and watched it last night and it bored me to near-tears. It's this weird show about polygamy and I couldn't stand how one of Bill Paxton's three wives kept whining about being unable to please her husband. It's bloody disgusting and the only reason I kept watching was because two of Veronica Mars' cast members - Amanda Seyfried and Tina Majorino (sp?) - were in a couple of scenes together. They're not enough to make me keep watching though. I'm going to delete it. There's also some crazy Amish-like shit going on which was just WEIRD. Polygamy is disgusting and no I don't care how politically-incorrect or culturally-ignorant I sound, because it's disgusting and that's all I have to say.

Oh, I just found out that the Amish-like people aren't Amish but Mormons. Apparently, according to that episode, they live in the good ol' rural lifestyle and marry 14-year-old girls to "prophets". Something tells me the show's depiction of the religious sect isn't to be entirely relied upon.

Then again, I don't really care. I was just quite surprised that HBO didn't censor Bill Paxton's bare butt. And to be quite frank, I could totally have done without seeing it. Ever.

I haven't been studying at all. I wanted to do my Contract tutorial this afternoon but after TextTwist-ing I proceeded to write this entry and needless to say I haven't started on it at all.

On the bright side, I only have to go to school on Tuesday and Wednesday next week! Isn't that awesome? I think it is.

This entry sucks.

A lot.

(I'm listening to Jay Chou's Ba Du Kong Jian - which is probably my favourite Jielun album - and we all know I can't listen to song and write/read at the same time, hence the shittiness of this entry.)

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