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Public Transport in Singapore

Back in Singapore.

I attempted to take the bus home from NUS today after tennis, but my valiant and heartfelt attempt was cruelly thwarted by the sheer inefficiency of Bus 963. To begin with, I didn't even think I was tempting fate trying to take a bus during rush hour because it was about 5.45pm when I reached the bus stop, which, granted, did cut it quite close, but I laboured under the impression that most people didn't get off work until 6. Apparently, I was wrong - I got to the bus stop just in time to see Bus 963 approach the bus stop. My happiness quickly turned to irritated disbelief when the bus, packed to the brim with people, simply zoomed by.

My patience lasted long enough for me to wait about 15 minutes (FIFTEEN. MINUTES.) for the next bus. It stopped at the bus stop for the sole purpose of letting two people get off. Despite the fact that two people got off, the bus driver refused to open the door and drove off.

I was not about to wait another 15 minutes for another packed bus, so I called my mom and she picked me up. The alternative would have been to take a taxi which would have cost a bomb (I took a taxi to NUS and it was almost 10 dollars at 3pm) so there wasn't really a real alternative, in my opinion.

It was simply incredible watching the other bus services come one after another, half empty, and waiting 15 minutes for the next 963 just to see it drive off with what looked like the half of Singapore on board. This is why I never take public transport in Singapore - it's inefficient, the buses are slow, the MRT is crowded, and my MRT station is way too far from town and its placement on the MRT map doesn't make sense. The best part is, it is really quite mind-boggling that it's been so many years - so many, many years - and so many bus stops are still not equipped with live bus timings...then again, considering how inaccurate the timings are, I guess it's a good idea not to waste money on shit that doesn't work.

I don't understand how difficult it is to just increase the number of buses on the roads to increase bus frequency and prevent (as much as possible) this ridiculous situation where the buses are packed with people, making it impossible for people stuck further down the route to get on. Obviously if there are more buses there will be less people on each bus - and waiting 15 minutes for a bus is unacceptable. I don't believe I'd ever waited more than 10 minutes for a bus in London except when it's past midnight, and even then the bus usually comes within 5 minutes. It's not like London has congestion-free roads so I don't know what Singapore's excuse is. It's annoying as hell.


On another note, I'd forgotten how tiring it is to play tennis in the humidity, and how I tend to feel cold after a while. It was good but tiring and I was disgustingly smelly and sweaty afterwards. Still beats playing in the cold though.


On a tennis-related note:

FUCK YEAH STANISLAS WAWRINKA! Whatever happens from now, he will always be remembered as one of the few saviours of tennis.

As for Dull's injury - blah blah blah whine whine whine whatever.
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