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After 6 years of playing tennis, I finally got round to recording myself...and watching myself play tennis was a mixture of hilarious, gratifying and embarrassing.

It was gratifying because my groundstrokes actually look decent; they look like the groundstrokes of someone who has been playing regularly for quite a while. I'd always wondered if I looked like the women that I see regularly on tennis courts: awkward follow-through, weird closed forehand stance (nothing wrong with it but it's just weird to me), clumsy swing. I'm glad that I don't. That said, I do this weird thing where I stretch out my arms while waiting for the ball to come to me, then immediately pull them back in when preparing to hit it. What's that about? That explains why I don't always get my weight properly transferred into the shot.

It was embarrassing because my serve is the embodiment of 'embarrassing'. I don't even know what the fuck I'm doing with the serve - it looks completely amateurish, like a beginner struggling to reach the next level. Absolutely horrible. I do this weird squat when I toss the ball, and another weird squat when I hit it. It's absolutely embarrassing to watch. I didn't record my 'netplay' but I'm willing to bet that my serve would still be the most embarrassing part of my game regardless.

It was hilarious because of my reaction after missing a shot. I always react badly but actually seeing the negative body language is pretty hilarious. Too bad I didn't manage to record my reaction after a missed cross-court running forehand: I yelled out and shouted, "Stupid!"

I played tennis for three hours. I played a complete best-of-3 match and lost 6-4, 4-6, 3-6. My only chance of winning was to win the second set; by the time I got to the end of the second set, I was exhausted. The only reason I won 3 games in the third was because my partner had a couple of shitty service games where he threw in multiple double faults. In the third set, I lost serve after having 40-15 in both service games. When they got to deuce, then break point, I was actually quite irritated when my partner missed a shot on break point - that was how badly I wanted the set to end. I couldn't even be bothered, AND genuinely couldn't physically hang in there long enough, to try to win the third set, after realising how many more games I would've had to play if I'd wanted to win it.

Alas. I was just too tired and hungry. Nevertheless, I played pretty well. I was surprised at how well my racquet was connecting with the ball from the very first shot. I played well despite the shitty cold and dry weather (which re-opened this terrible and deep split in the skin of my right thumb and forefinger - which makes serving a bit difficult). Not too bad.

I gave my old racquet to Rudy to restring for the purpose of bringing it to The Hague; I can't be bothered to look for a stringer there just in case something happens to my strings. He gave me red and white this time and I'm picking it up from him before my tennis session later today. CAN'T WAIT TO USE IT. New strings really excite me.

Lastly, Roger lost to fucking Nishikori of all people and lost me 15 quid. I was so sure that he'd win in straight sets that I bet 10 quid on him winning and an additional 5 on him winning in 2. Nobody saw this loss coming...and I couldn't cash out anything 'cause it was played at like 2 am and I was sleeping. Ergo, I put money on Nadal and I feel so dirty now that I was rooting for him to win against Raonic. (I'm really glad that I decided against putting money on Nadal winning in 2 because he lost the first set.)

Have to sleep. So freaking exhausted.
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