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I spent my day shopping for office attire and drinking coffee while reading Edward Said. I tried on a few blazers from Mango and Zara and hated all of them; then randomly walked into H&M, randomly tried on a blazer from their essentials line, and surprisingly loved it. The best part is, it's only 29.95 euros.

I need to buy shoes tomorrow and get a Dutch SIM card.

While I didn't spend a whole lot of time exploring it properly, the city centre was pretty dull. It was a normal globalised shopping area with the usual shops. The only interesting thing that I stumbled upon was this English cafe called Kensington...and hearing the British accent was oddly comforting.

I came back to the house at about 6pm with the aim of getting dinner around the house but oh my god, there was nothing to eat. There was a pub, a couple of fancy-looking restaurants which were obviously beyond my budget, and a supermarket. It made me miss Pret a Manger and even the kebab/fish and chips shops on Edgware Road.

Going to the supermarket was also extremely challenging. I mistakenly bought a bottle of sparkling water because everything is in Dutch and I know absolutely zero Dutch words. I also had to pay 25 cents for a stupid shopping bag; the stupid cashier didn't even ask if I wanted one, which would've been the sensible thing to do considering I had a basket full of things and I was only carrying a handbag. The lack of self-checkout was also quite disconcerting.

I was not satisfied at all with the two lattes that I had today, so I googled 'good coffee The Hague' and found a grand total of one cafe (granted, I didn't look past the first 7 results, but I stopped looking when I saw 'coffee shops in Amsterdam' - coffee shops being places where one smokes weed, of course). The upside is that it's pretty near where I live and if I'm not wrong, it's one tram stop before the city centre stop, so I'm definitely stopping by tomorrow.

Speaking of the tram - the arrival times can actually rival the bus arrival times in Singapore for utter inaccuracy. I arrived at the tram stop in the city centre and saw that my tram would reach in 4 minutes. It came after 10 minutes. For the first time in a long time, I genuinely missed the Tube.
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