anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

Get me out of here.

I hate The Hague. It's the worst place I've ever lived in. The weather sucks; it's even colder than London (and possesses zero of London's charms and personality) and its proximity to the sea does nothing to help bring up its temperature. The place is dull; the city centre is small with uninteresting shops. The public transport is utter shit; I've lost count of the number of times I've had to wait more than 15 minutes for the tram/bus, and you know things are bad when Singapore's uncharacteristically inefficient bus system actually seems solid in comparison. I had to walk back to the flat at 3.30 in the morning today after a party because getting on night buses would probably take twice as long.

Shops close at 6pm except on Thursdays when the closing time is a miraculous 9pm, oh my god. But what makes it truly unbearable is the weather. The temperature has been hovering around 12 and 18 the past couple of weeks; yesterday was a shocking 22 (but of course, it rained later in the evening). I asked my landlady if the weather was going to improve.

She said that we are actually having good weather now.

I'm so sick of feeling cold all the time, to varying degrees. I honestly can't wait for the internship to end so that I can get out of here as soon as possible. I'm so bored and so fucking sian.

I had Chinese food for dinner from a restaurant that two other interns said was good. I ordered the fake Singapore-styled fried beehoon. I don't even know what the fuck I was eating - the beehoon was too thick and hard and it seemed like they forgot the salt because it was virtually tasteless. All I could taste was the chilli that I dumped into it and a mild curry aftertaste.

I used to make much better curry-flavoured fried beehoon when I was living in London.

Feeling damn miserb. I think I'll just go to bed. I'm suffering from this terrible cold and my left ear has been blocked since Sunday and now it's a bit painful.

Have I already mentioned that I hate this place? Because I do. I really do.



I went over to a friend's place last night for drinks since it's the King's Day weekend. He had a bunch of Irish friends over and some other people from the Tribunal. We went to this restaurant-turned-bar/club place in the city centre. It was not the most amazing place I'd ever been to but it was okay; had a mix of good and bad songs. It was alright.

It became utterly ridiculous when I wanted to go to the toilet to wash off some bits of beer that I found on my arm and my jeans (people were just spilling shit all over the place) and found out that they actually charged 50 cents for the fucking toilet.

Only in The Netherlands.

I couldn't even be bothered to check out the festivities. I decided not to go to Amsterdam because I hate crowds and The Hague is too boring to interest me so I spent my day studying for the QLTS. Finally finished the UK constitutional thing and read a third of Equity and Trusts, which I only picked because the book is one of the thinnest. I'm quite glad that I remember a lot of the things that I read so this topic shouldn't be too painful...which isn't what I can say for, say, Solicitors' Accounts, company law, banking and whatever.


I feel like shit so off to bed now.
Tags: food, qlts, rant, sick, the hague

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