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I found this so precious that I have to write it down:

[After texting him that I got my Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs card and sending him a picture of it minus my ugly photo]
Wouter: You can stay until next year.
Me: I think they will take back the card when I finish my internship. I can only stay two extra weks after; that's what they said when I got the offer.
Wouter: Wah lau..

I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING. Before this I told him that 'wah lau' was my favourite Singlish expression and he used it with such perfect timing! I was at work and I nearly burst out laughing.

I must say I'm really surprised by how much I like him. I think the fact that he lived in Singapore for four months (or was it three? Can't remember) really helps too; he understands my culture a little and it's easier to get along or click with someone who's relatively familiar with your background. When we first met, I just started talking to him like it was the most natural thing in the world. I mean, after living away from home for a while, I've got quite used to talking to new people like they're my acquaintances, so that's got a bit to do with it. Still - I didn't feel awkward or uncomfortable at all. It was just fun and comfortable, and I laughed a lot.

It was the same when I went to Amsterdam on Saturday afternoon to see him, on the pretext of needing to buy a pair of tennis shoes from Adidas (it was true; but it turned out that even Amsterdam doesn't have an Adidas performance The weather was abominable and we walked a lot in the rain but it was really nice too. It was fun and light-hearted and he's cute and so tall. I like the non-aggressive way he kisses me, which, in my mind, backs up what he said about not wanting to pressure me into dating him.

He's only one year older than me but he feels slightly older because he's got a good and stable career going so he knows what he's doing with his life (at least right now). It's not like I date a man and go after his wallet but it's just nice to see someone who's quite settled in life for now.

Also, he took me to an English booksore in Amsterdam across the street from where we had lunch (in a Parisian-style cafe. I wonder if I'd be giving him too much credit if I supposed that it was because I mentioned that I loved Paris) and he told me that he'd recently started reading. I asked him which writers he read; he said Bukowski, which was unusual but fine.

Then he said, "And Faulkner."

I couldn't resist it. I started laughing, but in a teasing way of course. I told him that I tried reading The Sound and the Fury and gave up after 50 pages and that I wouldn't recommend him to anyone, much less someone who's just started reading. It was fucking hilarious.

Okay, I didn't literally mean that I wouldn't recommend Faulkner to anyone. I definitely intend to try and finish The Sound and the Fury. But he, along with most stream-of-consciousness writers, is hard to read and that was all that I meant.

I have to study for the damn QLTS. I'm meeting him tomorrow somewhere in Centrum (he's coming to The Hague to see me) and I'm unreasonably and disproportionately excited. I'm happy though. I haven't felt this happy and light-heared in a really long time.

This entry is friends-only because of Arnaud. I'll write about that some other time, maybe.


Edit (4 June 2014): Making this public because can't be fucked about ex-boyfriend anymore.
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