anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

I spent my Saturday in Amsterdam with Wouter.

I am so smitten. He is so nice to me. By that I mean he is so sweet and he treats me well. I feel so comfortable around him. I feel so safe. My mind is blown by how much I like him because I haven't known him for that long, and because I don't even know where this is going, or where it can go, considering I'm only here till August. Still - I have genuine feelings for him. I'm so happy when I'm with him; he makes me laugh, we have interesting conversations, he's a total gentleman... He has the most gorgeous smile. I feel like a schoolgirl with a crush. And it tickles me to no end when he says 'wah lau', especially when he says it wrongly; it's adorable. I like, too, that I can use the phrase 'ang moh' with him because he already knew what it meant from his 3 months in Singapore.

I couldn't ask for a more perfect Saturday (except maybe I would've been wearing something nicer but oh well). The weather was perfect: blue skies, sun was out, it was warm but not too hot. He took me exploring around his neighbourhood and I immediately fell in love: it's away from the city centre but it's lively and full of shops and bars and restaurants and cafes and people. It was so relaxing just walking down the streets, looking at the shops, walking in the market, stopping at a syrup waffles stall where he bought me a tin of super delicious waffles (I've already had 3) and a fresh one. He wanted to give me the waffles as a gift on Thursday but the stall was closed. I kept bugging him to tell me what the present was but he refused; nonetheless, I totally guessed it because I remember he said that he wanted to bring those waffles for me on our first date.

God, he's so sweet.

I rode on the back of his bicycle. I was a bit scared at first but I just held on to him really tight and enjoyed the ride. We rode along the Amstel river and it was the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen in The Netherlands. Almost unbelievably, it was even more breath-taking at night, the water coated a near-fluorescent blue, the modest skyline in the distance. I kind of wish we'd walked instead of cycled so that I could look at it longer...but then, I'm sure I'll be there again next weekend, so there's always another opportunity.

I'm so exhausted now. I fell asleep on the train back to Den Haag (he taught me how to pronounce 'Den Haag' properly in Dutch and I think it's the first Dutch phrase that I can say with some degree of confidence) and it's nearly 3 a.m. so I am going to bed.

I just wanted to say that I am so smitten - so smitten.
Tags: amsterdam, dating, wouter

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