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1. David Cook ramblings</p>

I was reading his thread on Television Without Pity and someone posted his song choice. I tend to not want to know what song he's singing beforehand as it kind of ruins the surprise and therefore diminishes the overall effect that his performance will no doubt have on me.

Still, since I'm already spoiled, what the hell. He's singing Our Lady Peace's Innocent.

Not the music video (for some reason embedding was disabled), but it serves my purpose.

I know who Our Lady Peace is, obviously. I downloaded Clumsy when I was 14 and lost the file when my computer crashed. Recently while hunting for new music I looked them up again, re-listened to Clumsy, and absolutely HATED the singer's voice. Based on that alone I decided that I could never listen to OLP because couldn't listen to Raine Maida's voice.

So when I read that David's singing Innocent I was like, What the fuck is this song? Out of curiosity I YouTubed it, and the first thing that struck me was, "Eh, the singer's voice isn't that bad what."

Then I got to the chorus and I was all, "OMG WHAT THE HELL I KNOW THIS SONG."

Because I KNOW THE SONG. I don't know how or where I heard it before, but I've definitely heard it before. You just don't forget a chorus as insipid yet catchy as "we are, we are all innocent".

I think the song would sound great acoustic, but I bet David's going to do it straight since OLP is one of his favourite bands. I'm suuuuper excited and scared shitless because 1) I think he'd sound great singing it; but 2) it'd be the kind of performance that you go crazy over in a David Cook concert, not American Idol.

I think I worry too much about this guy. I should start worrying about MYSELF, considering I still haven't started in my ILA bloody research paper argh omg die. Anyway, I hope Cookie hits it out of the park; he needs to maintain his momentum and consistency. Because he rules the world.

And because he looked smoking hot on Idol Gives Back night which I'm now super excited about because he shared the belty solo with Carly!

I MUST say, however, that I am very disturbed and turned-off that the grand finale song they sang is a song called "Shout to the Lord". I mean - seriously. First it was KLC and her God Bless the USA, then it was Dolly Parton singing about Jesus and gravity, and now it's an Idol group sing about shouting to the Lord. I don't remember ever tuning in to American Idol to expose myself to Christian songs. I have no problems with Christian/worship songs per se; I just don't want to listen to them for obvious reasons. And I hate to say this, but the song choice is making Cookie's glory note belty solo a little less exciting than it should be, and therefore, I AM NOT HAPPY.

You know, when it comes down to it, America may not be as diverse or democratic as it likes to think it is. I don't see how the show can justify the song when one of its strongest contenders and favourite to win is a self-proclaimed agnostic. But at least he's not atheist right?

Ugh, whatever.

2. I need to swim.

I'm going downstairs to swim in exactly one minute so I'm gonna make this quick.

Basically? I am fucking fat. The space between my thighs is narrowing, my arms are incredibly flabby (though thankfully not in the same league as Carly Smithson's flabs - oops, that's mean), and my tummy is ballooning. I need to swim and stop eating chocolate-y stuff which I've been eating a lot of lately.


Did I mention I'm fat? Let's hope I can swim for twenty minutes and not die of exhaustion. It's been TOO LONG since I last did any form of exercise. OMG I seriously disgust myself.


Edit: I just swam.


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