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(david cook +) i am talentless and worthless. :(

I'm doing my part of the group assignment for Legal Chinese which involves a translation of a law article from Chinese to English.

My Chinese is a major piece of shit. As I continue working on the piece, it becomes clearer and clearer that my English is also a major piece of shit.

I am talentless and worthless. BOO HISS.


Other news: I'm watching I'm Not There tonight, and therefore I'm watching Idol at 6 p.m. on Star World later on.


I had this ridiculous dream in which David performed before Michael Johns, and I was on TWOP reading spoilers, and someone was all, "David sucked, especially after Michael Johns blew him out of the water, but I still love him."

That is really damn scary. I'm tempted to read spoilers but I'm sure I can hold out until 6. It's only 5 hours.

RIGHT. ONLY FIVE HOURS. I crack myself up. Every single second that crawls by in which I'm still in the dark with regard to how David Cook did on this week's stupid American Idol is sheer TORTURE to me. I hate American Idol now. If it weren't for the show, I would never know of David's existence, and therefore I would never have to suffer this immense and amazing agony.

But I can't imagine life without David Cook. I can't imagine what it's going to be like after the show ends and I'm robbed of my weekly David fix, especially if we consider the fact that the show ends sometime in May. After my June trip, I'll have nothing to look forward to anymore. No more weekly David, nothing to look forward to, just pupillage applications which, by the way, scares the living shit out of me, and Year 4 of law school when everyone's back.

Yeah, how fantastic. AI really ought to air in the second half of the year. I can't think of a more pertinent and apt time for the David obsession to start than, you know, the start of Year 4. Bleah, fuck, and shit.



I swam again at 11 a.m. and I'm sooo tired OMG. I need sun block, stat. I don't want to get skin cancer or nothing. Actually I'm not sure if I even want a tan but I keep swimming in the sunny parts of the pool anyway. The skin around my tummy is rather scaly/dry-looking and I don't know why.

Have I mentioned my Chinese sucks? It really freaking sucks.

Have I mentioned I love David? <3 Sigh. The world would be perfect if more guys were like him: talented, hot, intelligent, and sweet. It looks so simple on paper, but so few males in the world actually are all of these things. And if they are, chances are, they're gay. Or already taken. But more probably gay.

Life is so sad. It's as sad as my command of Chinese. I'm depressed.



I just read a bunch of spoilers and apparently my stupid dream came true. Or at least the part about David sucking.

OH MY GOD NO. Simon called him pompous?! ARGHHHH MY HEART IS BROKEN I SWEAR I AM SO DEPRESSED RIGHT NOW I CAN'T DO ANYTHING! :( If he hits bottom three this week, I will just die.

I can't believe it OMG. WHY IS IT NOT SIX PM YET. I need to know how bad it was. ARGH I had a bad feeling all of yesterday and I thought I was just being my usual paranoid self but he actually sucked. OMG. He's never sucked before and I'm damn sad. DialIdol has him in the bottom three. OH MY GOD. THIS IS A CATASTROPHE.

I need to pick up my heart from the floor and piece it back together. :( I don't know if it's clear enough, but I'm really sad. BOO.


Edit #2 at 2.59 p.m.:

Okay I just watched it.

He was a bit out of tune on the first verse.

But I did like the rest of it, especially the 'give back' on his hand.

Maybe it's because I like the song, or I like this style of music, or maybe I'm really so far gone that I really, really have lost all semblance of objectivity when it comes to David. But I really didn't think it was that terrible. I don't even know if I can say that it wasn't his best. I definitely like it better than Eleanor Rigby (I don't know what I have against ER; maybe it's the song. But I love the studio version. I DON'T KNOW) and...I don't know. I'm confused. Why did he suck when I don't think he sucked?

The fucking CHOIR, however, sucked ass. I don't want to hear the back-up singers; I want to hear David Cook's voice you morons.

Okay, whatever, I love David, period.

And of course, the video:

(PS. OMG what the hell it's freaking hot today. I'm like melting.)

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