anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

A cute conversation.

On Sunday night, while channel surfing, we came across Star Wars on one of the movie channels. The following conversation took place:

He: I don't understand this Star Wars Star Trek thing. And the people that like it.
Me: Oh my god, REALLY?
He: Uh-oh...
Me: REALLY? I hate it too. I can't believe you hate Star Wars and that I finally met someone who hates Star Wars. It's so stupid - what's with the light sabers and shit?
He: Yeah, what the fuck? We should get married now!

Some kissing ensued after that.


As much as I adore him for being a total sweetheart (and I really, really adore him for this), I must admit that I like it when he swears a little; gives him a bit of an edge. Haha. Women are so retarded in this sense - we complain about how all the good men are either gay or married but like our men to be somewhat bad. It doesn't make any sense.

I like mine sweet as sugar though. For me, there's no such thing as 'too sweet' anymore.


Really have to write about Friday but I'm too tired and not really in the mood, so some other time.


Weekend was great once more. It was bright and sunny on Sunday and we went to the park (Oosterpark) where I got a tan and he fell asleep in the sun while I read boring shit about professional conduct for the QLTS. Had dinner in a nice bar/cafe type place. Met his friend on Saturday evening after tennis, during which I actually lost to him in a first-to-10-with-difference-of-two contest. He made up new rules which suited me so I didn't complain. I had multiple match points but got too competitive and, as a result, too anxious; made a ton of errors, underestimated his amazing hand-eye coordination (I swear, he's got some natural talent for this sport; he actually hits the ball in the sweet spot of the racquet. Took me ages to get that going and even now, I still mishit it quite a bit), and lost 12-14.

He later said that he didn't even want to win. When he told his friend about it, his friend was puzzled that I lost. Obviously I'm a colossal mug, but obviously he could hit the ball too.

We biked for quite a long distance to the tennis court which was in the north of Amsterdam somewhere. It was so 'somewhere' that I felt like I was in a completely different city; it was suburban-lite, quiet, with lots of open spaces, and totally unlike the city centre. It wasn't as posh as the previous place, but I liked it better because it was more down-to-earth.

We randomly came across a windmill and attempted to photowhore, but the result was pretty hilarious. I really like that he always accedes to my request for selfies. He's sweet like that.


I'm off to bed. Will write a better entry soon, hopefully.


Edited to add: I was listening to music with my earphones at his place. He asked me if I was listening to Britney Spears. I said no, I was listening to All Saints.

If a person could verbalise a facepalm, his reaction would have been it. It was adorable.

A disclaimer: I don't have shitty taste in music; I have an eclectic taste in music.
Tags: amsterdam, dating, playing tennis, wouter

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