anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

i can't believe i'm up this early.

I stopped sleeping at 6.48 a.m. I'm never going to bed without showering ever again; it defeats the whole purpose of going to bed because I end up feeling so icky and disgusting that I find myself getting out of bed at a ridiculous 7.30 a.m. just to shower and wash my hair. My mom was right about something: It feels weird being up so early. I'm so unaccustomed to it that I'm at a loss of what to do; more importantly, I'm so sleep-deprived that there's nothing much I can do, apart from stoning in front of the laptop, letting it tell the time. I'm sleepy.

Love Starbucks' chewy espresso brownie. Apart from how damn fucking delicious (and thus fattening - boo hoo) it is, it will always mean something more than the obvious to me.

So why did I go to bed without showering last night? Because I drank a tad too much hard liquor at a barbeque last night. There were a few law people in a chalet and they had a barbeque and more law people showed up and the guys brought booze and someone stashed whiskey in the fridge and they played some drinking game and I sat down for ten minutes and had a cover shot since everyone else drank it. It was half a shot of whiskey and some Coke. Whiskey is absolutely, ABSOLUTELY disgusting; it burned my stomach for about five minutes and it tastes like crap. Before that Mag mixed some whiskey + ice cream soda drink and I had some of that, and I had some Hoegarden because I was thirsty (nevermind that alcohol dehydrates you), and there was this cute small bottle of orange-flavoured vodka and I had a sip of that too. They started doing shots at around 10 and I only sat down a while later because Mag left and Rui was there and so, yeah. And ten minutes after I sat down PY's parents arrived. Chloe and I hitched a ride from her since we live in the same area, which solved a huge problem for me: Transport, and going home. The chalet was in Changi which is in the East and I live in the West and I never knew that that part of Singapore existed. Major thanks to PY's parents for giving us a ride; I hope it wasn't too inconvenient.

I think I might've got even more tipsy than my worst experience with alcohol to date if I'd stayed last night. That single shot of whiskey and Coke severely fucked with me, so much so that I walked into a pub along Sixth Avenue and asked if they had espresso (the old uncle who looked like he owned the place didn't seem to understand English, and the bartender didn't seem to have heard of the word 'espresso'. I had to say 'coffee'). They didn't. Seven Eleven sells shit-ass coffee, the overly-sweet types that will only make me even fatter than I already am, and so I gave up.

But the whiskey. I can't even begin to describe how horrible it was, so suffice it to say that I'd much rather have a beer and I concur with Chloe about beer tasting like piss, or what I think piss tastes like. I ordered a random cocktail once, a Manhattan just because it was called Manhattan, and I took one tiny sip of it and almost died. Apparently it was a mixture of bourbon and whiskey or something along those lines, but it was on the rocks so at least it was diluted. In any case, I swapped it with a lime diaquiri so I had like a grand total of two sips of it. That wasn't my worst experience with alcohol though. Anyway, my point is, that half-shot of whiskey I downed last night was some seriously fucked up shit, man. I came home and sat down at my table and was convinced that I couldn't do anything more than take a piss, wash my face, and brush my teeth in the toilet, hence I went to bed all dirty and gross.

So the barbeque was decent. Chloe and I took 67 to Tampines Interchange and that bus ride was positively long. But I think it was well worth it 'cause Chloe and I got to talk and she's an awesome girl. I'm SO DAMN RELIEVED that she's in Trusts B! Yay, I have someone to sit with!

Getting to the chalet took about two hours. Insanity.

So I'm really sleepy right now. I'm going to pick up Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion later on. The Boyfriend pointed it out to me once when we were at Kino, and I was all, Yeah okay, I'll make a mental note to read it one day. Which was honest, it really was, except 'one day' to me meant many, many years later. But I read Julian Barnes' books of the year in the Guardian and he recommended it, saying, "[It] should be read by everyone from atheist to monk. If its merciless rationalism doesn't enrage you at some point, you probably aren't alive." So intriguing!

I'm tired of rationalism, which is a clear, unequivocal sign that I should get the hell out of law school. But I'm too sleepy to write coherently about this so maybe some other time.

I value the Boyfriend's opinion and all, which is a given since I think he's super smart, but it's Julian Barnes. Have you any idea how much I worship his writing? He's amazing. I finished England, England for the third time and I'm all ready to go back to Arthur and George. And I need to pick up Before She Met Me, too.

I'm excited about going books-shopping later on. I'm such a dork. Would love to go clothes-shopping but this endeavour is too difficult to justify to the parental figures, considering I spent quite a bit in Bangkok and recently swiped my dad's ATM on a couple of items at Mango. I need money, but we've heard this refrain a thousand times already so I'll shut up about it.

So. Damn. Sleepy. I think I may even fall asleep watching Veronica Mars. Whiskey? Never again.

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