anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

i can't believe i'm still up at this hour.

More importantly, I can't believe I spent six hours just coding this stupid layout. The photoshopping was quick and relatively fuss-free, as usual, and I had that done in about an hour. But the coding? Oh, my god. I hate tables; the whole thing just pissed me off. But I'm glad I didn't succumb to my burning desire to use div layers, or what I know of div layers, which is probably a very distorted version of the real thing, because the ability to use tables is very important. Yeah, it is. Too lazy to explain.

My eyes hurt like fuck. Six hours of staring at my laptop screen. I took about two breaks in between, to pee and to brush my teeth. Ugh.

I need to know if Vidal Sassoon hair products are manufactured by Procter and Gamble, because if that's the case, I can never use VS shampoo ever again - WHICH REALLY SUCKS BECAUSE I LIKE VS SHAMPOO. I'm currently using a freebie I got from the Body Shop and I hate it because it's scent-less and it makes my hair dry. I have this thing about not using products from companies that carry out animal testing, which rules out about 50% of the available brands of shampoo in the market for me. So I guess I have no shampoo to use. Fuck this stupid cruel, unethical world.

Apart from the list on PeTA's website which I don't even think is updated, I don't know where to go to look for such info. Stupid, stupid world. So not using any Asian products anymore; Asians don't care about the ethical treatment of animals and why would an American group care about Asian companies that don't sell their products in its country, and my point is, I gotta hunt for new shampoo to use and this is damn irritating. I mean, I used to like Pantene until I got all bleeding heart and shit, and I still think it's the best shampoo I've ever used. And then you have something as shitty as my olive shampoo from the Body Shop, which is ethical, but, well, shitty. Life would be so much easier if I simply didn't give a damn.

I'm currently craving those yummy Dunkin' Donuts Kyle brought back from Malaysia and to the chalet. And it's 3.22 a.m. This irritating perpetual sugar craving has to stop or I'd become even fatter than I already am. Why does this dumb-ass country not have good donuts? I mean, yeah. Why? Even eating the sub-standard Mister Donut I ate in Bangkok was an experience that can never be matched in Singapore.

Taipei, I miss the fuck out of you. Can you believe that whenever I get hungry - which is all the time - the first thing I crave is my favouritest of all favourites liang mian?

Then again, shall not talk about food that I actually like. It's just cruel, considering it's 3.24 a.m.

I'm too sleepy to save this entry from its incoherent, messy hell, so I'm just gonna post it.

Tags: food, random

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