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Legal positivism asserts that it's possible and valuable to have a morally neutral descriptive or conceptual theory of law.

I'm at the dictionary definition and I still have a few paragraphs of Hart and a few pages of Blackstone (which I bloody hated the first time I tried to read it) before I'm done with Topic 2. And when I'm done with Topic 2 I still have Topics 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. And when I'm done with all that I'd be going to Criminal under the assumption that I've "finished studying" for Legal Theory, which is too risky an assumption to make when I'm the one making that assumption.

I'm so screwed, it's not even funny. I haven't even begun to figure out how to get a C for Contract and the mere thought of forcing myself to plough through boring Contract stuff is enough to make me die.

I received my 'reply to offers' letter from UCAS today. I'm definitely turning down Bristol, Durham and KCL, but Warwick remains a temptation I can't resist. Fuck that.

Ugh. Fuck it all.

On the bright side, the latest episode of Veronica Mars was absolutely stellar. I can't decide if I like this one better or last week's better but I suppose that's immaterial.

spoilers and VM-gushing warnings

Firstly, I bloody loved the LoVe dance. AHHH!!! I was all, "KISS HER LOGAN! KISS HER NOW!" but he didn't but it's okay! There's hope for a Logan+Veronica reunion! And I also loved the song they used - "Sway" by The Perishers. It's a great song with such apt lyrics that totally sum up the Logan/Veronica relationship. Sigh. So dreamy.

Secondly, I LOVE VERONICA'S HAIR. If I were a guy or a lesbian I'd totally be in love with Kristen Bell right now. And she finally did something about her and she snipped her fringe and it looks great and dammit, I want her hair!

Thirdly, loved loved LOVED that little "curosity is my kryptonite" dance Veronica did in the opening scene. It totally had me laughing out loud.

Fourthly, loved Veronica's "over the moon" face.

Okay, I love Veronica, period.

Loved that Logan stole Lamb's parking space. Loved Lamb (seriously, he's so damn smokin' hot). Loved Jackie (did I just type that?!) for being a sweetheart to the retarded kid (who was really cute). Loved Logan's "slacker" shirt. Also loved the Beaver/Mac tension, although his parting/break-up words to her were downright shitty.

The episode was disturbing though, but I shouldn't have been too surprised considering this is Veronica Mars, the TV show whose characters are always treading on moral thin ice. But the whole Weevil-indirectly-got-Thumper-killed thing, the whole vigilant (vigilante?) justice thing Weevil had going on, crossed that moral grey area and went over to black for me.

But then again, when your sheriff is the incompetent (and hot) Don Lamb I suppose the law is a mere piece of legislation, nothing more.

Still, I could've done without the thought of Thumper being demolished along with that stadium (he was chained up to a urinal in the toilet). I knew they were going in that direction but I was hoping they would get him out. He was an ass and he did kill Felix who is seriously hot but no one deserves to die in that manner.

And besides, Thumper is such a cute nickname.

Woody is creepy. End of story.

I love LoVe. I do. They have such amazing chemistry together. "Sway" has been stuck in my head the entire day and it was the first song my mp3 player played, and my playlist was in random rotation. How awesome.

Well, anyway, I feel like playing Bejeweled so that's all from me for now.


Edited to add at 9.24 p.m.:

Is it just me or is it too easy to confuse Austin and Hart? I was typing out last-minute exam notes and I mistook Austin's attempt to find a scientific approach to the study of law for Hart's. And so when I read the next part, "Hart criticised Austin's efforts to reduce to empirical terms of tendencies and predictions..." I was like, "Huh? Why is he criticising himself?"

A while ago I was trying to remember the names of other philosophers - just the names - and I found out that I can't distinguish Finnis from Fuller. Who was the dude that came up with the concept of 7 basic goods? Was it Finnis? I think it was. What the heck did Fuller argue then?

Well, at least I remember John Stuart Mill's liberal theory about how an individual should not be governed at all unless his act is harmful to others (this theory greatly supports the repeal of sections 377 and 377A of the Penal Code which is also another reason I like it). The rest of it...besides Rawls' "overlapping consensus" and some other label, I can't really remember.

Have I mentioned how dead I am?

Also, this current layout is possibly the worst layout ever. I hate it.

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