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Just to get the school stuff out of the way:

1) Maths review was okay. I think I can pass. Good thing, of course. I can keep the subject and quit Music Elective. It has been getting on my nerves since Sec. 2. (I'm now in Sec. 4).

2) I found out that I'm taking my Chinese O exam in May. I thought I had until the end of the year.

I'm hoping to change my attitude towards school this year. I slacked the past 3 years off, and I so cannot fuck up again this year (and I mean that literally). I'm thinking that...I know, I mean, I know I can get like 6 As or whatever. I'm not stupid you know. My IQ is 126. I'm just so lazy. And unmotivated. I can't drive myself. My parents can't drive me. My friends can't drive me. I don't know what can. My vision of a brilliant future doesn't drive me enough to run the whole mile. I don't know what I should do to sit down and study for 3 hours straight. It's just so not me, you know? I'd rather sit down and read for 3 hours straight, or be online for 3 hours straight, or watch TV for 3 hours straight, or even watch LOTR for the 4th time. But, yeah. That's not my life.

Fuck it.

my brain says i'm receiving pain

Tags: angst, radiohead, school

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