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Veronica Mars 2-18: "I Am God"

I think that this entry is entirely about Veronica Mars. I can't be sure of that because I always end up going off on tangents, but my primary intention of adding a new entry is to write about the episode because I LOVED IT.

So anyway.

Why did I watch Veronica Mars at 8.30 in the evening when I usually watch it after 12 midnight? It's because this week's episode is about Veronica seeing dead people in her dreams and I was worried that it'd be scary and stuff and since I'm absolutely no good with horror/ghost-ish movies or TV episodes or stories...well, yeah.

Yes I know, I should be studying, but I've been waiting for the new episode since Wednesday so cut me some slack!

Well, anyway.

This is probably, like, the best episode ever, or one of the best ever. I totally did not understand what the hell went on. Every time some revelation occurred Veronica looks shocked/enlightened/disgusted/outraged/etc and I'm all, "Huh? Should I rewind that?" I rewind and I'm still, "Um, what?" So very confusing. I still have no idea why the bus went over the cliff, and that's precisely why I love this show because I can't ever call it 'predictable'. How can something be predictable if I don't have the capacity to predict it?

That aside, OMG THE LOGAN/VERONICA FLASHBACK!!! Ahhhh! I was so excited during that couple of minutes that I couldn't stop grinning! That make out scene was even hotter than the girls' toilet one, even without Veronica's "So wrong it's right?" line (which I adore).

Second - can it possibly be? Wallace and Logan exchanging dialogue?! Wow.

Dick is an ass. But I admit, albeit with much reluctance, that he's hilarious. Argh! I did not want to give in and join the dark side! But that Brokeback joke with Logan...IT WAS SO FUNNY!!!

(An aside: How amazing is it that I immediately recognised a line from a movie that I haven't even watched?)

Also, Chinese Americans are hot. Mr. Wu should be a series regular and I'm still missing Hamilton Cho.

This reminds me - Veronica got into Stanford! (Though I thought the thin envelope meant a rejection because universities normally send out acceptance letters in fat envelopes. Or at least, that's been my experience.) I'm so proud of her, though I DO wonder how she gets the time to study and whatever else.

The Return of the Flashbacks was also particularly joyous.

Hated the dig Veronica made at Logan about Hannah, however. The fact that he didn't have a comeback only goes to show how much that comment hurt. I like my Veronica snarky and all that but not when it serves as a hindrance to an eventual Logan/Veronica reunion!

Logan and Wallace need to have friends NOW. Being around a dick like Dick is detrimental to ANY guy's emotional well-being and mental health.

I really, really, REALLY loved this episode. The past few episodes have been amazing and much better than the ones that involved Duncan's stupid plotline (speaking of - Duncan? Who's that?) but this one is just BRILLIANT. What fine blending of high school-esque scenes with the main mystery! I love my Veronica Mars.

Okay I'm done.

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