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something hilarious.

Hahaha!!! This is hilarious! I don't know if it's a real report or some strange joke that a few random stressed out Arts (I assume) undergrads decided to come up with, because, you know, if it's a real report, then I'm sorry to say but I wonder how they managed to get into university. Not to mention: Of ALL things in the world to write about, they chose to write about a faculty as miniscule as the law bloody faculty. Um, okay.

The funniest part was the accusation (come on - let's call a spade a spade) that the law faculty is exclusive because it keeps its main doors closed. I suppose the people who wrote it didn't have the chance to step near the faculty, because if they had, they'd know that it's most probably because THE LOBBY IS AIR-CONDITIONED. It makes no sense to keep the doors of an air-conditioned room/building/etc opened; it'd be a huge waste of electricity which translastes to an unncessary wastage of funds splurged on unnecessary wastage of electricity which is something no reasonable person would do.

And the whole library thing is funNY. I don't know how true it is 'cause I haven't been to school since my last Criminal seminar (which was about two Tuesdays ago, I believe) but OMG the blog posts the students included as their appendix were HILARIOUS, especially the one titled "Snails and Slugs". Haha! Thank goodness I hate going to the law library, eh? Though I do wonder why non-law people feel the urge to study at the law library if they're not taking any law modules and if they're not with friends from law. What is the damn point? The library doesn't have things on Shakespeare and molecules (I'd camp there every day if it had books on the former though). Do you need a Singapore Law Report to help you get through an exam on some highly complex mathematical way of thinking which I will never grasp? It's exactly like how I wouldn't camp out in a Science/Arts library to study for my exams because the libraries don't have the shit I need. Duh.

I'm sure everyone knows that there's no love lost between myself and the faculty which I'm supposedly in. Even then, it's absolutely stupid for non-law people to complain that law students don't want them in THEIR OWN LIBRARY during the exam period, especially if the library is indeed as full as some people said it is. Common sense should easily dictate why.

For the record, I'd be severely pissed off if I went to the law library one fine day with the intention of getting some much-needed studying done and found myself unable to get a bloody seat because of random people with calculators and graph papers.

One last funny point to note before I post this:

"Furthermore, with the exodus of the Law faculty to the Bukit Timah campus next year, it is feared that this divide between law and arts students (as well as with the rest of the NUS population) will be further exacerbated..."

The word I purposely underlined and bolded?

LIKE OMG IT MADE ME LAUGH SO HARD. Moving from Kent Ridge to bloody BUKIT TIMAH (which, for non-Singaporeans, is apparently only 20 minutes away) is an "exodus" now?

Oh, ye grammar Gods, save me from these guileless plebeians!

(Not to mention: who the hell wants to move to Bukit Timah anyway? The temptation to head to Orchard Road every day is going to do SO much damage to my already-crappy grades. And how would I get the chance to meet up 'just whenever' with my Arts friends? And how can I pretend not to be a law student if I'm at Bukit Timah? Ugh. What crap.)

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