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a waste of time.

A quick reply to 'misc', who wrote in my guestbook, "I think it's even more hilarious that Law students came up with SNAIL and SLUGs. Makes one wonder what they really do in university."

What law students (okay, 'we', but only for the purposes of this entry) do in university? Gee, I don't know, but it must be REALLY hard if we had to go through an interview and a written test to get here.

No, seriously now. I'd think that a person who has the balls to leave a message like that should have the guts too to leave a real name, but I am sometimes too optimistic about the human race for my own good. To be quite frank I don't know how the SNAIL thing came about; I only knew of its existence when a friend from Arts told me about it. For SLUGs though, pray tell, why would a reasonable law student label himself a 'Snobbish Law Undergraduate'? If there's supposed to be a flow of logic here, I'm totally not seeing it.

(An aside: Yeah, I know, it's totally ridiculous that I actually know what the acronyms stand for. It's even more ridiculous that I keep using the word 'reasonable'. Damn the stupid objective 'reasonable man' test. Ugh.)

Let's do a bit of a comparison. On the one hand, you have the obviously biased "report" that read more like something written by JC students who name-drop like mad in hopes of impressing their Project Work tutors about the alleged 'elitism' of the law faculty; on the other hand, you have a few law students (whoever they are, I have no idea) who reacted against the law-library-being-taken-over-by-calculators-and-graph-papers-during-exam-period fiasco, which should be a legitimate grievance to any reasonable (there I go again) person, by coming up with that SNAIL Act thing which, incidentally, reads almost like a real statute! The latter is tongue-in-cheek, even a form of creative diversion, while the former is...a real report?

And why are we the targets here? The last I checked, Medicine is even more exclusive and removed from the whole NUS environment. If 'misc' had actually bothered to read the 'report' in question, he/she would at least have halfway understood where all the rage was (and perhaps is) coming from. I mean, come on, I wasn't the only person to write a bitchy rebuttal to that report; I got the link from a fellow law student's blog and found it so funny that I had to write something about it.

Then again, what do I care? I'm only a part of the law faculty because my name is in its register.

But I really did think that the SNAIL(s?) Act was funny. Especially that bit about how the person who drafted it had to take out some exceptions or something because they were unconstitutional. And it was obviously meant as a joke while the report...well, not so much. HAHA.

Okay, I've wasted enough time over the past few days trying to study but finding ten million other ways to distract myself, so I'm going to stop typing now.

Before that though, I'M SO SCREWED. I took 5 days to finish reading that short Fuller piece. Oh my god. I need to die. Now.

(That reminds me. I haven't answered Khai's SMS.)

"Postmodernism maintains only that there can be no independent standard for determining which of many rival interpretations of an event is the true one." Is it completely retarded that it's only NOW that I understand why Julian Barnes has been described as 'postmodernist'? My favourite writer, and I didn't really get it. I'm such an ass.

Yale sent me a very nice rejection letter. It came in a thin envelope, as expected. Actually I checked the decision online weeks ago but kind of forgot about it until the letter arrived today. The only thing I'm upset about is that the amount of money I spent could've been spent on books or DVDs or new clothes. Hmm.

I wasn't sure if we were supposed to do the online feedback thing like last semester (i.e. if you didn't do it you'd get your results later than those who did it) but I did it anyway 'cause I was bored. It made me realise how much TSH rocks and how I'm actually quite thankful that the legal theory exam consists of two compulsory essay questions. It'd save me the time I would otherwise spend on agonising over which question is the lesser of two evils. Sometimes, it's really better to be left without a choice.

There are many emails which I haven't answered. I think I mentioned that I'm bad at emails and SMSes.

Okay I really have to stop typing now.

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