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um yeah.

(Adding a new entry because Diaryland's 'edit/delete entries' page takes forever to load.)

To 'misc' again: Okay, to be quite honest, I couldn't care any less about law. I know better than anyone that sometimes, one's faculty of choice isn't as much of a fact as it is a severe lapse in judgement, and so it follows that labels like 'law student' and 'Arts student' are pretty much meaningless. Some like being labelled a 'law student' because it makes them feel important, but really, the prestige wears off really quickly, especially after you realise that nobody really gives a damn. I wasn't trying to say that law students are 'better' than Arts students simply because they're in law; I'd be damned before I said something like that, because I know it's totally untrue. If I could do it all over again, I would've chosen another route - namely, the Arts route.

I would defend law students (even those I don't particularly care for) when presumptuous people are writing biased and stupid 'reports' about us, or when people appear to be taking the piss for no rhyme or reason - your first message sounded like you were taking the piss. I'm sorry if you weren't but it came off as slightly hostile and I had to react.

Lastly, you're right. Not all law students have the potential to become lawyers. Some have the potential to become judges, others academics. And then there are people like me who'd be eternally happy to be rid of law, law school and the profession for good once we graduate (I don't think I need to point out the assumption I'm making here). In fact, I'm pretty sure that something went wrong with the admission system somewhere when they added my name to the list of successful applicants.

Well, basically, I don't care to continue this argument/discussion/you-leaving-messages-in-my-guestbook, me-replying-by-adding-new-entry anymore. People can think what they want about law students (but not when they try to pass it off as an academic "report"). It's not like the image of the law profession hasn't been slung through enough shit via the media. Let's just call it a truce, eh?


Right, since I'm already writing this entry.

I'm sleepy and VM downloaded so I'm happy. I'm reading David Hume now and I'm wonderng why he writes things like "'tis" and "betwixt" when the publication year of his book is supposed 1969. Yeah it's probably a reprint.

I don't quite get this argument he made which I'm trying to read now though. He's saying that morals are independent of reason, that morals are merely perceptions and nothing more. Since we try so hard to inculcate morality in human beings, it means that morality naturally has influence on human passions and actions. And since morals have an influence on our actions and affections, morals then cannot be derived from reason because reason "can never have any such influence". Hence, the rules of morality are not conclusions of our reason.

Um, okay. So if the rules of morality are not conclusions of our reason, it means that they are the conclusions of our actions and passions...which are informed by morality? So which came first: the chicken or the egg? If you perceive something to be good or bad or right or wrong, it means...what the hell does that mean?!?!

Maybe I should go on reading. Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.

Drastic change of subject. American Idol. I have to say that I've never hated a contestant as much as I hate Kellie Fucking Pickler. She needs to shut up and either stop putting on that dumb-ass act or get some education. The people in America (henceforth "America") who are voting for her are absolutely STUPID. She was easily the WORST of the 7, singing faster than the bloody orchestra and everything, and even worse than Ace whom I could barely stand (dude, boybands are, like, so passe) and was she anywhere NEAR the bottom 3? Of course not, because AMERICA IS STUPID. Having to endure her stupid antics and retarded comments along the lines of "What's a 'ballsy'?" and "What's a 'minx'? Oh I'm a naught minK?" is enough to make my IQ drop about 50%. And worst of all? SIMON LIKES HER. Oh my god. How disgusting is that? He must have some weird fetish for blond farmer girls or something.

I really, REALLY like the Korean couple in Lost though. It must be an Asian thing. However that works.

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