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blow my mind.

I'm being a hundred percent honest here. I've been in law school for three semesters now, and am currently in my fourth semester of law school. That's a year and a half of drifting in and out of that place, mostly not giving a damn, waking up every now and then to catch something, only to fall asleep ten minutes later.

Well, today changed everything. 9 AM Public Law lecture. I couldn't be arsed to wake up early in the morning and prolonged my beauty sleep for as long as I could before my mom came in and started shouting at me to get myself out of bed. The dominant thought in my head was, Who the hell cares? It's just a bloody lecture that I don't give a damn about either way. So I deliberately didn't care that I was going to be late; in any case, I ended up not being late and was kind of, sort of, not really but still kind of, on time. Life is funny sometimes, you know? It simply doesn't allow me to self-destruct, however mildly and pathetically. Screw you, life.

Walked into the lecture theatre with Mag, sat down, took one look at the lecturer, and turned to Mag and Rui with this "OMG!" look on my face. "He's actually quite cute what!" I said to them. They looked at me as though I was nuts.

Well, I was probably nuts.

BUT, I ceased to be nuts and, you know, had a real, valid reason for being completely smitten throughout the entire lecture when he started lecturing. Because honestly? OH MY GOD!!!!!!!111!1ONEONEONE!111ONE!!!! So bloody mind-blowing, such perfect spoken English, such a stimulating lecture! In fact, most worthwhile lecture ever. I can't remember if I woke up feeling shitty but anyway, that lecture totally made my day. I totally adored the drama! Like AHHH he's totally amazing. I need to crash his tutorials or else I will die. I don't even mind sitting through four hours of Public Law on Tuesday afternoons because today's 9 AM Public Law lecture almost came close to the kind of inspired awe I felt in Mr. Anand's introductory Lit lecture. And Lit and Law aren't exactly comparable in my book (we all know which one wins).

I never knew a lecturer like that could exist in Law. LAW, for the love of all things beautiful! Seriously, he could've been teaching something artsy, going by the way he spoke and everything, but it was actually law. Like, wow, who would've thought? Not even in my wildest dreams, in fact.

Not that I ever dream about stimulating law lectures because I don't give a shit, but seriously, today's lecture changed things for me. Awesomeness. Time to send an email begging him to let me attend his 2 p.m. tutorials. That's like after sitting through my own 12 p.m. tutorial, which is after a 10 a.m. Trusts lecture (bloody mind-numbing stuff). We'll see how things go.

He said a lot of hilarious things that I copied down but I left my foolscap pad in school so well, can't reproduce them. But they're hilarious. Chloe has a couple on her blog and reading them made me laugh out loud.

Halfway through the lecture, when he was talking about law professors holding placards that say 'Constitutional supremacy' or whatever it was, I was thinking about how cool it'd be if the entire law faculty started a revolt/protest/whatever, hence prompting a shut-down of the faculty, hence giving me lots of free time to do nothing but run amok on the streets demanding for the supremacy of the Constitution. How exciting is that? But of course, in this day and age where the rate of contentment with the ruling party amongst my countrymen is apparently 66%, that's not gonna happen. 'Twas a nice fantasy while it lasted. Mostly because I wouldn't have to do my readings and feel irritated when thinking about preparing for tutorials.

Okay, irrelevant.

I tell every new person I meet when they find out that I'm in law and then proceed to make comments about asking me for my legal services in the future that 1) I don't intend to be lawyer; 2) I don't intend to have anything to do with the law and with law after I graduate; and 3) assuming I have no choice but to be a lawyer, I would want to go into Criminal law and be a defence counsel.

You see, Point #3 was the only real, meaningful reason I entered law school. It seems completely stupid and impossible to me now, but to some extent, it still contains some degree of truth. It's still what I would want to do if I truly became stuck in this profession. It doesn't make money, but fuck money. The money-spinning shit bores me to death.

But of course, I'm not heroic, I'm not noble, and so I'll say right now that if it's a toss-up between two money-less jobs, namely defending criminals and writing, I'd choose writing anytime, anyday. Duh, right? I know.

Change of subject. Chloe's Trusts tutor was my Property tutor. I miss him. I hope he remembered to submit a report for me for SEP because I forgot to remind him. I think British professors are so interesting because the whole British thing is just so cute and completely entertaining. Even BC has that Brit thing going on which completely amuses me, although I don't understand his lectures at all.

Anyway, moving on.

Had lunch with the Sisterhood in school (the bloody lemon butter was bloody sour and I'm never eating it again and hell it was butter which probably meant it was FATTENING), then headed down to Orchard with Rui and Pingying to shop. While walking out of the campus and down the slope, we noticed that the pavement and the road was littered with dead bugs. It was completely disgusting, and after a while I started screaming like a total retard, and it didn't help that there were random milipedes or centipedes or whatever crawling about, and that there were some flattened mili/centipedes on the ground. SO. TOTALLY. DISGUSTING.

I said I'd blog this so here goes. Pingying made this hilarious comment: "I'm allergic to sweat." HAHAHAHA. Made me laugh my ass off.

I hate Spinelli's. For some reason their macchiato was only half a cup full. What the hell? Starbucks' espresso tasted a lot better, too. Rui's whatever weird drink was disgusting too. Rui started doing funny hand movements after a while, as always, and as always, it was very amusing.

Met Simon and his friend Justin after that. Justin is like, the biggest food fanatic ever. No wonder Simon's friends with him. Interesting guy. I had a nice time. We had dinner at Glutton's Bay which shot my throat to a whole new level of hell because there was chilli and pan-fried stuff and yeurgghhh I'm coughing my lungs out, dammit. Had a good time.

So what I really wanted to do today was to sit in a bar by myself and have a drink. I mean, hanging out with friends and meeting new people were all swell activities, but I've always wanted to do the 'sit in a bar alone, all emo and shit, having a drink, contemplating life' thing. And I thought today was a rather good day 'cause it's a Friday and I had no laptop and I was in town area and everything, and I was at the Esplanade and there was this place called Harry's there which of course I've never heard of let alone been into, and just outside the Esplanade is a bus stop from which I take my bus home. It's a good place for bus-taking 'cause the bus is always empty which means I'll always get a seat, and I always sit at the same spot, for some odd reason. Anyway, my point is, today felt like a good day for me to strike that sit alone in bar and drink thingy off my checklist of Things to do Before I Die.

But remember what I said earlier about how life doesn't allow me to self-destruct in whatever degrees? Well, here's another perfect illustration of the clicking of the machine: I only had ten dollars with me. What the hell can you get with ten dollars? I was too embarrassed to walk into the establishment and ask if I could get anything for ten bucks, including service charge. I'm, like, a total loser. Seriously.

So the drinking was thwarted, much to my dismay. But hey, silver lining and shit, and I noticed that there was a gig going on at the Waterfront area. I walked out, sat down somewhere, saw the Yellow Project Line or whatever shirt on one of the band members, and knew instantly that Khai would be there.

And guess what? She was. I finally got to meet some of the people she hangs out with that she's told me about, and very interestingly, this Jurong Junior senior (junior senior okay nevermind) whom Mel has mentioned a couple of times is friends with her and I never knew that. I sat down next to him and was all, "Are you from Jurong?" Haha. Jurong reunion. How fun. He's a Tim Dore fan, too, so all's good.

The gig was good, despite my indifference towards punk rock. I liked the cover of the Nirvana cover they did. Especially liked the way the heavy riffs and pummeling beats pulsed through you like a second heartbeat. Now I kinda see why Khai is addicted to this; it takes your mind off things, takes you elsewhere, and isn't even remotely as damaging and potentially detrimental as alcohol. I left after the second band did three songs 'cause it was kinda late, my phone was flat and so I couldn't tell my folks that I'd be home slightly later. Was gonna get some alcohol with Khai and Vivian (spelling? The Jurong senior) but decided against it.

Vivian is very nice and easy to talk to. I'm still surprised that he and Khai are friends. I don't know why that is.

Rented Brick at VideoEzy. There was an article published somewhere that compared Brick to Veronica Mars, hence it's a must-watch.

Veronica returns next week. My only reason to come home after school instead of looking for reasons to stay out.

I tried on a pair of size 34 jeans at Mango and I'm very pleased to announce that it didn't fit! Had major difficulty pulling it up my huge-ass hips. Wahoo. I'm not completely anorexic after all.

I need clothes. Bottoms especially. Life sucks.

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