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status quo.

Opening dialogue from Brick:

Emily: Brendan.

Brendan: Emily.

Emily: Yeah... How's things?

Brendan: Status quo.


The film was not bad. Loved 90% of the dialogue. Loved the Emily/Brendan relationship. Knew who he shouldn't have trusted right from the start. Can see why it was compared to Veronica Mars, except it's way gloomier than VM.

Regardless. The Emily/Brendan relationship sealed the deal for me. Heartbreaking, it was.

I downloaded the shooting script from the movie's official website and spent 50% of Trusts lecture reading it. Why do I have a thing for reading screenplays of films that I've already watched? I don't know. But there was this point in time during which I wanted to write screenplays, and I still think that such things can be self-taught. It's fascinating, figuring out how a story translates from paper to film.

Anyway, that's just one of my...I don't know, weird...hobbies. Or something.


I should do Public Law readings. Yeah.


Favourite poem at the moment: Jim Carroll's "While She's Gone". I vaguely emulated his style in the poem when I was in JC2 and I'm very ashamed to say that the stuff I wrote in that style really, really sucked. Completely ridiculous tripe, if you want my honest opinion.

Jim Carroll is...okay. I think he wrote a lot better when he was on crack. Which means he isn't really that talented. But still, loved The Basketball Diaries. Too bad I lost that book. Oh well, it matters not; I've outgrown that phase anyway.


I really should do Public Law readings. Yep.


I ate SO MUCH today that I just wanna DIEEE. Heavy lunch at a nice place near my house with my mom; pan-friend linguine with home-made mackerel otah. It got way too oily after a while and I didn't finish it. Really liked the ice-blended mocha with soya bean milk without chocolate, though.

Dinner with Mag at Melvados. Baked dory with garlic croutons, after which we shared a brownie. I FEEL SO FAT. But the food was awesome.

Happy lunch, happy dinner, unhappy Trusts lecture.

On second thought, BC was damn funny in Trusts today. I listened more today than I did the previous lecture so I guess that kinda counts as an improvement.

Mostly though, I'm still devastatingly apathetic and indifferent.


Looking forward to Pei's birthday party on Wednesday. Something to do! Yay.

Really should do Public Law readings. Yep.statuos

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