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Dollhouse is awesome!

First, I must proclaim my love for a new TV show: Dollhouse. I chanced upon it a few months ago but didn't think much of the show's premise. Still, when I saw the torrent available on EZTV, I downloaded it on a whim - and I spent last night watching all of the three episodes that have aired so far.

It. Is. Amazing. I love it. It is gripping, interesting, compelling, and I'm really amazed by how the show has managed to make me care about a character who literally has no personality. It's a Joss Whedon creation which means it is, by default, a good show; he's the same guy that did Buffy the Vampire Slayer which I so love. And even though I'm not a huge fan of Eliza Dushku, I think she's carried the show's central character really well so far, despite the character's lack of personality.

Dollhouse fits with my other favourite sci-fi/action/thriller shows, like, obviously, Buffy, Alias, Lost, and to a much lesser extent, Dark Angel (when I was young and silly, but in my defence, it was quite a good show for someone who was still in secondary school). It did for me what Prison Break didn't: it interested me from the pilot, enough for me to watch all three episodes in one night despite the fact that I was REALLY tired from tennis and all.

I hope this show doesn't get cancelled! It's awesome. I love love LOVE it! It's so dark and twisted and there's a MYSTERY and I want to know everything that happened and is going to happen!

And of course, as per my frivolous fixatios, one of the characters is totally hot and I'm totally in love with him: FBI agent Paul Ballard. In the latest episode, when he (stupidly) went into some deserted dark warehouse-type thing all by himself in his hot suit and took out his gun when he heard a mysterious noise, I swear, I completely melted and died. I'm not even a fan of guns; I usually think they're awful and disgusting. But Paul Ballard wielding a gun in that scene? Like, OH MY GOD. It was so hot, I don't even have the words for it. It was even hotter than that shirtless and sweaty boxing scene in the pilot.

Argh I need a new episode like NOW! And I need to watch Battlestar Galactica NOW because of the supreme hotness that is Tahmoh Penikett!


On another note, I went to Jurong Point today for the first time in years to pick up a pair of shoes I reserved. I couldn't recognise Jurong Point. At all. To think it was the default hang-out place in JC; when I finally located the Old Jurong Point, it still didn't manage to feel like the Jurong Point that we spent so much time in back in JC.

I do like the Starbucks though. It's by the windows and it's really bright and airy.

Still, I don't think I'd make a habit of going there. It still feels really neighbourhood despite its ostentatious attempts not to be neighbourhood and I know this sounds terrible but yeah, whatever.

Anyway, I love my new shoes! I think Gripz is my favourite shoe shop even though the new pair is only the second one I've bought from there. But it has such nice, pretty and NON-ANIMAL SKIN shoes! Yay.


I'm hungry and light-headed and can't think so that's all.

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