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Tennis, undone assignment, stupid emo shit.

I just have to say this:

I checked out the Indian Wells website to see who won last year and at which point Roger was out of the competition. Novak Djokovic won - great, whatever, he probably won't defend it anyway, seeing as he hasn't defended a single title this year. Then I scrolled all the way down, looking for Roger's name, thinking it was one of those what the fuck moments in which he lost in the early rounds or something. But nope, he didn't lose in the early rounds.

He lost in the semi-final.

Not only that; guess who he bloody lost to?



In a sense, I'm really glad I didn't follow him throughout the 2008 season. Because, seriously, losing to MARDY FISH? Seriously? SERIOUSLY?! 2008 was truly a huge WTF year for him, losing to people he wouldn't ever lose to, like Mardy Fish. MARDY FISH. I mean. MARDY FISH. Radek Stepanek I can still marginally accept, but MARDY FISH?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Granted, I haven't meaningfully watched him play; I saw a few games here and there during last year's US Open. But I do read things and Mardy Fish isn't what you'd consider a threat to Roger's winning ways. In fact, Roger has about a grand total of one real threat: Rafael Nadal. I don't even consider Andy Murray a threat, to be honest, though sometimes I wonder if I should.

2009 is already a marked improvement from 2008 despite not winning the Australian Open. And speaking of which, I just read a translated article where Roger said he moved on from the loss the day after he lost, so now I feel damn stupid for grieving for days. Haha. In fact, it still hurts when I chance upon pictures of Nadal with the trophy that should have been Roger's. I'm sorry but something is really wrong with the world when Rafael Nadal wins a hard court Grand Slam!

Anyway, on another but related note, Andy Murray is still sick (fuck lah that stupid page has a picture of Roger's teary eyes from the Australian Open final. BOO. Way to go to scratch open my wounds!) and people are speculating it might be mono. If it's true, then I feel sorry for him. I think it's about time Murray ascended to #3 and gets rid of Djokovic. I prefer Djokovic's style, but he's annoying and inconsistent and he smashed a putaway into his own court twice in a match, and have I mentioned he's annoying? Murray isn't that much better but he's slightly less annoying, I think he genuinely respects Roger, and he's actually consistent. I hope Djokovic is happy with his Dubai title, 'cause the only tournaments he'd win, if he wins any more, are the ones in which the other top 4 players aren't playing.

I wonder who else is on the Great Britain team. The only British player I know is Andy Murray. At least they're not facing a team like the US like Switzerland is! Poor Suisse. Shit, I'm damn sad! They're definitely going to lose. Roger was their only hope of winning against the US but now that he's not playing...SIGH. I just watched Wawrinka play on Saturday, in Kooyong against Roger. I mean, yeah, it was against Roger, but still. He doesn't inspire confidence in me. Though I didn't know he's a single-handed backhander.


On another note, shit, my Human Rights is due this Friday and I haven't the slightest idea how to organise my essay, let alone started writing it. I think the fact that it's only 2500 words has lulled me into a false sense of security, which is BAD. BAAAD.

I have to start doing it soon.

Lastly, last night sucked so much balls, I can't even begin to say. I was all set on tackling the Human Rights assignment but I had to get distracted by whatever it was and I got all emo and sad and it was just utterly needless and retarded and a huge waste of my time. Fuck it.

My life is empty without tennis. I'm quite sad Supersports has decided to broadcast Spain vs. Serbia and not USA vs. Switzerland. Even if Roger's not playing, I'd still like to watch Switzerland anyway, and there's also my boyfriend Andy Roddick. Oh well. I'll have to wait damn long to watch tennis! And I'm dying.

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