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if you can't beat 'em, join 'em

Argh. My arse is still sore from sitting for about five hours straight this morning listening to various talks on various bullshit. The Literature guy was kind of impressive. The way he spoke brought out his enthusiasm for the subject. BUT, he's in the disciplinary council thing which absolutely sucks. I cannot stand teachers who breathe down my neck about how I wear my uniform. I mean, who really cares? Nobody.

As predicted, I was the only one from my school who got posted to JJC. Whoopee. Spent the whole day doing crap and didn't get to go home until 6.30 p.m. I met a couple of new people though. They're in my orientation group and seem really nice, but I have the feeling that we ain't got much in common (except one of them who has the same L1R5 as me for the prelim - 18). Most of them chose JJC as their first choice, so when I said, "Um, it was my 8th choice", there was first a collective silence, then, "Har?" ('Huh' in English.)

I suppose orientation today would be what one would consider fun if one were into such things. I'm not. I mean, we had cheers and everything and it's just so juvenile. Nothing wrong with cheering but it just isn't for me.

Still, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. I couldn't beat 'em so I joined 'em. At least, for a while anyway. Got hot and sweaty after 12 noon and it all went down hill from there. But the dance bit wasn't that bad. They taught us the 'traditional JJC dance', whatever. Partnered girls and guys together and I got a cute guy but I can't dance and it was really embarrassing. Oh well, I don't really care.

Was dismayed to discover the track. It's hidden somewhere in the compound. I didn't see it that time when my mom drove to the school just to check out the directions, so I thought, 'Wah, don't have to run ah!' I guess I'm stupid 'cause the damn school is ranked number 1 in fitness, and my fitness is like ultra shit. I think I'll transfer out if the P.E. is really hellish. I was told that it is.

The good thing is, the basketball courts are kind of secluded. Outdoors, yes, but there are big trees around and it's very far away from the grand stand, a few metres or so away from the track. Looks cosy there.

So in the hall when we were doing crap there was this guy who stood off to one side and looked utterly bored. That was in the morning. In the afternoon I didn't see him. When I was going home I didn't see him. The fucking idiot cut and didn't tell me!

Okay he had no reason to but I would've cut too if I knew someone was doing it. Bleahh. Too bad for him, attendance was taken before dismissal and the Year Two in charge knew there were people missing.

There's campfire on Saturday which means I'll be in school the entire day, from 7.30 a.m. to 9.30 p.m. Sigh. Today was bad enough. I was tired and cranky and sticky and hot that I just wanted to come home, switch on the air-con, take off all my clothes, snuggle into my warm bed and sleep.

Oh well.

Slam Dunk today was hilarious, mainly because of my beloved Mitsui. Shohoku's coach had a heart attack the day before their match with Ryonan so he couldn't be there to instruct them. Because Mitsui has great respect for him, he felt that it wasn't right that the coach wasn't there to watch them. So he took a framed picture of the coach and placed it on the bench. Bwahahahahahahaha! My darling Mitchy is so damn adorable! And before he went on court, when he was introduced (his gangster friends were screaming, "Mitchan!" Haha! They have a banner for him and everything!), he knelt down before the picture of the coach and prayed to him. Hahahahahahahahahahaha!

I love him so much. He is so damn kawaii! And so charming and gorgeous and suave and I love that red knee-guard, talk about sexy!

Okay I shan't go on anymore. 'Kawaii' means cute.

I can't decide if I should take History or Geography. I don't really like Geography but I'm considering it 'cause I took it in Secondary school. History sounded interesting today, 'cause a majority of the syllabus is gonna be on European history. I want. But memorising is hell and I'm afraid I'd goof off and treat it like a joke and not study and fail. It's not like I have a back-up or anything, so yeah.

But we're doing Othello for Lit and it's awesome because I've been wanting to read that play. Can't find a version with explanations though.

So yeah okay.

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