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As much as I would like to earn some money, to be totally honest, I really don't feel like working. I know I am spoiled and lazy...but I am spoiled and lazy. Having no money (okay, no income, and a rapidly depleting bank account) also has its upsides, though. It's made me realise that I used to spend money on crap that I didn't need just because I could, and there was no greater evidence of this than the bags and bags of clothes I cleared from my closet last week. I probably wore at least 50% of them no more than two or three times. While I miss the ability to spend without feeling the pinch, my current situation has also made me appreciate the more important things in life, like quality time with family, friends, and a cute Dutch boy who's been better to me in a short period than all my ex-boyfriends combined.

We're thinking of going to a nearby beach sometime in March. My mom was nearly up in arms about it, but when she told my dad, all he said was that I should get a job. I'm guessing, then, that if/when I get some paid work, he wouldn't fuss when I tell him that we've booked a trip (when we get around to doing that). I really want to go to the beach (no, Sentosa doesn't count, though right now, I would settle for that) and swim in the sea and lie on the sand and look like a whale in my bikini. I think it's absolutely criminal that I've swum more times in the sea in Europe than in Asia, where I'm actually from. I don't know what I've been doing with my life.

Speaking of life, sometimes I think I want to have a mini-me with blue eyes running around within the next few years. However, when I think about the time that I will have to sacrifice, I can't help but feel rather inclined to prioritise myself. My self-centred nature knows no bounds, innit.


I'm still working on PhD applications. The reason I'm still doing it is because I am intimately acquainted with the art of procrastination. Isn't that wonderful.

I haven't heard from Cambridge yet so that means my slim chance of getting in is still alive. Yay!


I played tennis in the afternoon under the sun on Saturday and it made me realise how much I have missed the heat and the humidity and the sweat and the breathlessness and the feeling like you're about to collapse after a 5-shot rally. It is a wonderful feeling. Playing tennis any other way isn't quite the same, and certainly not when I barely even break a sweat.

I'm happy that my groundies are more consistent but my serve is an absolute disgrace. Someone told me I should smack the ball and that my ball toss should be higher, so I've been trying to fix that and the result has been disastrous. I serve like a fucking beginner. It is humiliating. I play a lot of doubles these days and the number of times I double fault is incredible. I'll try to work on that, but I harbour no hopes of improvement.


Gonna shower now. I don't have much to say and only wanted to update for the sake of it. I can't wait to see my friends!
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