anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

pre-tutorial angst.

I hate pretending to prepare for Trusts tutorial. I'm Wikipedia-ing all my answers and I don't even care. I want to go home, sleep, then go for a swim at 4, 4.30, 5.

Was semi-sleepy in Public today. Boo. Sat too far away so couldn't hear properly and was lost three-quarts of the way through. That sucked.

Am falling asleep in the library.

Have great pictures from last night to post. This entry is redundant.

I see the blatant manifestation of the vicious cycle Mel talked about last night now. It's happening to me. I'm in school but I'm not really in school, I haven't done any of my readings, my tutorials are fucking bullshit, and there's no point in preparing for the next one because the ones that came before continue to exist as a big fucking question mark. Quel est le point? I'm getting the French wrong, too. I don't know. I'm sleepy. This semester has been shot to hell since Day One and quite frankly I'm too tired and indifferent to even attempt to rescue it.

Things are disappearing, memories are fading, but everything else remains the same.

Get me out of here. Please.

Never in my life have I wanted to spend Chinese New Year in Taipei more than I do now.

I think I got the grammar wrong.

Tags: angst, law school

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