anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

take back the night.

A. Hair-cutting at SalonEsprit/EspritSalon

B. Hanging at Starbucks outside Carrefour, Suntec City

Camwhoring with Khai.

Mel in deep appreciation of her super diet Coke.

Me, Tough Mel.

Me, Tough Mel, With Flash.

Khai on her pretty Mac.

Alien Child and Mel.

C. Being Anti-Social at Pei's Birthday Dinner, Al Dente Esplanade

We'll never get tired of taking pictures of ourselves.

How pretty, the colour.

Caught in the middle, torn between two lovers. Gosh, what am I to do?

Everyone looks nice here.

With the super hot, super fine, super awesome birthday girl, PEI! Wahoo.

See, Hear, Speak No Evil.

The foccacia bread was so. damn. good. Khai and I were in deep, unflinching and unfailing appreciation of the bread.

Foccacia bread, yummmm.

Khai and her pink phone.

I like this picture.

Khai likes this picture.

Mel's masterpiece.

Emo Khai, Ghostly Me.

The whole emo thing is so fun.

Eh, I don't know what I was doing here.

Emo, meet Pseudo-Emo.

The whole world is, like, so totally against me. Slit my wrist and dieeee.

Mel and Khai. Looks like they're in the middle of making out. Hehehe.

Group shot.

One of my two favourite pictures of the night.

My other favourite picture of the night.


Suffice it to say, last night was smashing. We should do this more often.

Oh, and this:

Khai ordered a mushroom soup which tasted divine just to get more bread; I ordered a Sex on the Beach (I figured it should be capitalised) and it was the best cocktail I've had to date; and Mel ordered her usual martini I don't know what but sadly it tasted rather diluted.

I am so fucking broke. Buying drinks drinks is really a bloody expensive affair. Need rich boyfriend, NOW.

Anyway, so Trusts tutorial wasn't a total goner in the sense that I took significantly more notes today than last week, and that I listened after he was done talking about the Reit or whatever thingy which totally lost me, and that I volunteered an answer! It was about the rule in that case whose name I can't remember that basically said that if all the beneficiaries to a trust want to get their money, they can go to the trustee and terminate the trust. Yeah I forgot the name of the case. I Wikipedia-ed it. I only answered to pre-empt him, you know, just in case he asked me something that I didn't quite get round to Wikipedia-ing because, you know, I was lazy and all that jazz.

I hate I hate I hate school.

Had some driving simulator thingy today. It was like one of the those car simulator thingies you get at arcades. I was fucking giddy at the end of it and I'm a total screamer. Like, I almost hit some car and I totally screamed, and it was embarrassing. Um, haha.

I have no idea what I'm typing. I'm so sleepy. I just watched American Idol and it was boring for the most part. I hate sitting through retarded advertisements. I'm convinced that every local advertisement I sit through causes my IQ to fall 10 points, while every non-local advertisement I sit through causes a 5-point IQ decline. I hate local ads, too. They're so retarded.

Random thought: I used to think that I wasn't the cheating type. In fact, Mel asked me last night if I'd ever get tempted to cheat on my boyfriend, and I was all, "Eh, no leh, I'm not the cheating type. I can't like more than one person at a time. Stupid right?" She said, "You could really do the monogamy thing, couldn't you?" Sure can.

But I thought about it some more today and I realised it isn't exactly a hundred percent true. I would hypothetically get tempted to cheat on a current squeeze if hypothetically I wasn't really in love with said current squeeze, and hypothetically, I was still in love with an ex. That, I think, is about the only situation in which I'd ever do the whole cheating thing.

Then again, on the flip side, if I was still in love with an ex, why the hell would I get together with someone new? I think I possess enough self-awareness not to be unaware of any potential latent feelings I might have for an ex. And I think the bright side is, I've always managed to make pretty clean cuts from relationships gone awry. I've never looked back, when I said it was over I meant it was over, and so the whole latent, residual feelings thing isn't up my alley at all. Not my schtick, thank you very much.

So yeah, little random thought of the day. My conclusion? What I said to Mel still stands: I'm not the cheating type. Um, good for me. Or not. I don't know.

I need to pee, and I need coffee.

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