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life is never dull with mel around.

This ain't a novel idea; we did the same thing last year. Half a year later, we struck again!

After Pub Law lecture, I was still trying to decide if I should change into the shit-coloured uniform before heading to town or if I should change in town and spare everyone in school the agony of looking at a bottom-five JC's uniform (ha, ha, ha); in the end, Rui said, "But if you change now it'll be very AA." Which made a lot of sense.

And I'm glad I didn't parade around school in my uniform because it looked quite ugly this time round. I used to have two different skirt sizes and I wore the smaller one while I used to wear the bigger and um, yeah, it looked big and therefore ugly. I used to wear my skirt shorter than that, and I didn't even have to fold it or alter it. Yes, I was that fat. My History teacher used to nag at me for the length of my skirt all the time, till one day I pulled up my blouse and showed her that no, I didn't fold it up; it was just like that because I was fat.

All things considered though, I'd much rather wear Jurong's uniform than SN's. In fact, when I cleaned out my closet, I threw out all my SN uniforms. Sorry, no love lost between me and the school and all. The only downside is that Mag, Rui and I can't wear identical uniforms if we ever decide to do our own uniform day. Haha.

I had shitty beehoon and disgusting deep-fried shit at Food Republic while Mel had overpriced and under-taste (just pretend this is a real phrase) pad thai. I miss Bangkok. Like, yeah, food there is cheap AND fucking good. Everything pales in comparison in Singapore. I don't know why that is. And toss-up between eating in Bangkok and eating in Taipei, I'd choose the former. Seriously. I mean, I covet Taipei and everything, but there isn't much I can eat there. There are only so few types of food that I go absolutely crazy over in Taipei, namely my ever beloved liang mian and the standard issue braised hai dai (I forgot what it's called in English) and dou gan (I never knew what 'dou gan' is called in English). And I guess to some extent the awesome awesome bubble tea, but I'm conscious about what I eat now and it's fattening so maybe not.

We had a nice camwhoring/girl talk session at Starbucks HSBC. The people there probably thought we were mad. I think we were mad, too. But it was great fun, needless to say.

And of course, the requisite neoprint-taking session.

Quality of the scan is a bit dodgy. My scanner sucks. There's always Photoshop.

Gosh, I have monstrous eyebags.

I came home and I realised that I should've done a ponytail to further drive home the school girl look. I mean, which JC student walks around with her hair flying everywhere, right? Wouldn't this have been a lot more true to form?

Yeah, I know: I'm so damn vain it's annoying; and I should have done the ponytail. Sigh.

Yes, my wall is red. My dad painted it for me when I was in Bangkok. You can't see it in the pictures but the paint job at the right side is extremely bad. You can see clearly the cracks in my wall and everything. I love it.


Enjoyed LCL's lecture today, as always. Once again, I took down a couple of funny things he said but I left my foolscap pad in school so well. Still desperate to go for his tutorial classes. I just love the way he speaks and the way he presents his ideas. So engaging.

Gah. One month of not BTing anything and I've forgotten how damn irritating it is. It's ridiculous. I want to watch VM and I want to watch it NOW. Why can't we get like satellite or something, then I'd be able to watch VM in real time? Fuuuck.

I'm bored.

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